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A roast suckling pig is a thing of beauty. Feel free to shed a tear or 2 for this beautiful pig, only about 2 – 3 weeks old, prepared just for you!

This roast suckling pig was prepared by Chef Jessie, at the Culinary Elite Series Cooking Class for her Filipino Christmas Table where she prepared Pinoy Christmas recipes that delighted the whole class. Understandably, this is the centerpiece of the entire table.

We eagerly listened for the tips and tricks, and I had my pen ready to jot down anything. It’s a roast suckling pig and we were prepared to probably sweat a lot to cook it. Turns out that it was not that hard at all!

The real challenge would be finding a small enough pig – just about 3 to 4 kilos, that will fit in your biggest pot. While suckling pigs are much smaller than the regular lechon you will see, there’s not a lot of big pots that will fit the pig in the usual Filipino Kitchen.

For sourcing the pig, ask your friendly butcher weeks ahead before you need it. Sometimes, they are hard to order. Chef Jessie mentioned that she order hers from a pig dealer in Marinduque and she did say that you can call her restaurant in Rockwell if you need one. ;)

Chef Jessie’s technique for the Roast Suckling Pigis like cooking the Max Fried Chicken I posted a couple of months ago, where you boil the meat first. It’s easier this way and I think this makes it less of a guess work if your meat is cooked or not. Also, this makes sure that your meat is soft and not overcooked in the roasting process of the suckling pig.

One last thing! Make sure to clean your suckling pig thoroughly before cooking, making sure that the ears and feet are clean. Sometimes there are those pesky hairs too. Make sure to remove them!

Check the video to see how we prepared it. The pig is so darn cute!