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Tsokolate Puto Bumbong -Pinoy Christmas Recipes
Carbs, Rice and Pasta

Tsokolate Puto Bumbong -Pinoy Christmas Recipes 

For making memories, nothing beats eating puto bumbong in the early Christmas mornings after the Simbang Gabi. Whenever I think of Christmas food, it is the Pinoy native delicacies that always comes first before the Morcon, or even Kaldereta.

When puto bumbong is mentioned, I have this distinct feeling of the wind in my face, and me shivering in front of the puto bumbong table and trying to get some heat from the stove where the seller is whipping up the puto bumbong. It really is such a physical memory!

Native delicacies such as these are part of our Filipino Christmas traditions and one that I’d like to keep up with for my kids.

Unfortunately, no one wakes up for the Simbang Gabi anymore,  us being a non practicing family. So I thought maybe I’d try to find something just so my kids will get to know this Pinoy delicacy.

This recipe is from the Maya Kitchen and it has a unique twist because it’s chocolate flavored. And because its from The Maya Kitchen, you can bet its going to be easy! We will be using ready-made Maya Champorado Chocolate Rice Porridge Mix to make this wonderful Pinoy Christmas Recipe.

Tsokolate Puto Bumbong -Pinoy Christmas Recipes

Category: Carbs, Rice and Pasta, Dessert

Tsokolate Puto Bumbong -Pinoy Christ,mas Recipes


  • banana leaves, as needed
  • 1 pack Maya Champorado 113.5 g
  • @tbsp uncooked rice
  • sugar, as needed
  • freshly shredded coconut, as needed


  1. Pass the banana leaves over medium flame until wilted to make them more pliable. Open the pouch of champorado mix and sift to separate malagkit rice from the cocoa powder. Set aside the powder.
  2.  (K) In a bowl, combine malagkit rice from the champorado mix and uncooked rice and soak in 1/4 cup water overnight. After soaking overnight drain. Make sure to set aside the water.
  3.  Put rice in a food processor with 1-2 tbsp drained water. Pulse until ground finely. Add the cocoa powder and mix well. Shape into logs and wrap in banana leaves brushed with melted butter. Steam for 10-15 minutes.
  4. (K) Brushed with butter and top with shredded coconut and sugar while still hot.


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