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Back Pain Home Remedy

My husband was suffering from back pain for several years now but last December -probably because of the cold season, it grew to a point where he couldn’t even move, walk, or get out of the bed. A couple of visits to the doctor, both western and eastern couldn’t alleviate the pain. One day, I […]

In Love with Cacao Nibs

I like chocolates. And I like to feel healthy. Hmm, is it a contradiction? Chocolates are rich in mood enhancing theobromine, age reversing anti-oxidants, flavanoids, and other minerals. That’s the same thing with cacao nibs. It’s just on its much purer form free from over-processing,  sugar, and other additives so most of its nutrients are left undamaged […]

Dog walking, does it count as an exercise?

I’ve been on and off exercise for quite some time now and not because I’m busy but because I prioritize other things. But lately, I made it a point that I should walk my dog, Nymeria, everyday during weekdays. Surely you would agree that dog walking would count as an exercise but if you were […]