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Overwhelmed Mom Gets Strange Feeling in a Moment of SilenceThen She Hears a Whisper in Her Ear

Overwhelmed Mom Gets Strange Feeling in a Moment of SilenceThen She Hears a Whisper in Her Ear 

Something just felt “odd.” Seconds later, she hears this…

By Brie Gowen

I am a busy mom, and I have no problem with that. Yes, I’m semi cuckoo for cocoa puffs most of the time, but at night when everything gets real quiet I typically want to burst into happy tears for how awesome my life is. And maybe that’s a little cuckoo too, but I think we can give me a hormonal pass. I’m still postpartum after all.

My point is I don’t mind the chaos overall because its beautiful. I wouldn’t say Im too blessed to be stressed, per se, but thats only because I cant control my frustrations over repeating the same commands to multiple tots under five 50times a day. But whatever. Its still awesome.

I love that I homeschool and work as a nurse. I adore taking kids to the park and even hauling them to the store. Its fine. I enjoy cooking and keeping house, even if Im majorly slacking at the latter. Everyone has a laundry chair/sofa in the living room, right?!

But sometimes I do get tired. I sell skin care products on the side, and sometimes I look at my dark circles and think, thats bad advertising girl. I digress. The point is I dont sleep through the night with a breastfeeding baby, and my waking hours are packed from the moment I wake until I pass out after midnight. Even if I do happen to sit down for a moment my lap is never my own. Plus thats usually when someone asks for something.

Lately, Ive put a lot of time into my small business, and Ive been doing events one to two nights a week. Last week I had two, and this week I had scheduled two more. A part of me dreaded what would fall away at home while I was working, but I told myself it was for the greater good and surged ahead with zeal. But then my week changed on me.

My first event got canceled, and I secretly sighed with relief. But then my second event got canceled as well. I started wondering worriedly if I should try and throw some time and effort into putting something else together last minute to benefit my business. If I wasnt running I guess I felt like I wasnt being purposeful. Being still felt odd.

But then God whispered to me:

“Take this time. You need it. You can run yourself ragged trying to make something succeed, but you know deep down that you dont make it happen in your efforts alone. I make things happen for you. Take this week. Enjoy your family. You deserve it. You can run again next week.”

And just like that any guilt I had over not doing enough was gone. I have done school and picked up around the house, but many times I’ve just sat on the couch with my kids. Ive cooked, but because I love it. I’ve shopped for pleasure, not just necessity. I have taken the time this week for me, because I needed it.

I think most busy women could take that cue. We could stop for a minute and listen to God tell us to take the time. The success of our lives isnt solely dependent on our efforts. He drives our lives, Hes at the helm, and too many times we frantically try to steer and head things straight for a storm. Sometimes you just have to take a minute, take a day, take the time and do nothing because you deserve it. God honors that.

The responsibilities of parenthood, marriage, work and home will never stop. They just keep spinning around, but sometimes were so tired and frustrated we end up spinning our wheels too.

God would say, Take the time, Momma. You need it.

This would never happen to me, btw. My kids would be all up in that. Just saying.

Everything wont fall apart in your rare moment of self-preservation. It will be waiting eagerly, no doubt. So do what you love. Take the time to enjoy life. Smile, laugh, sleep. Whatever. Next week will come soon enough, but youll be all the better to face it anew.

About the Author:Brie Gowen is a 30-something (sliding ever closer to 40-something) wife and mother. When shes not loving on her hubby, chasing after the toddler or playing princess with her four-year-old, she enjoys cooking, reading and writing down her thoughts to share with others. Brie is also a huge lover of Jesus. She finds immense joy in the peace a relationship with her Savior provides, and she might just tell you about it sometime. Shed love for you to check out her blogat

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