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Homeschool Trip: Snow Maiden Acrobatic Show

Last October 17, the entire homeschool gang was dispatched to a mission, to learn Russian culture and watch Snegurochka’s fairytale popularly known as the Snow Maiden produced by D’ Ultimate Talent and Entertainment Corporation at the Skydome in SM North Quezon City. We had an early day, waking up at 5 so we can be at […]

Holy Mackerely! Mackerel fish could hold the secret to weight loss

We all know that Mackerel Fish is healthy because as an oily fish, it has Omega 3 that could help prevent heart diseases, lower risk of diabetes, and control blood pressure levels. Mackerel also has much lower in Mercury than tuna. It is high in protein, and-6 oils, vitamins A and D, and some B vitamins. […]

Get Healthy: Are Pinay Moms More Susceptible to Anemia?

Are Pinay Moms More Susceptible to Anemia? Are you always fatigued, feeling weak, and have difficulty concentrating? You might have anemia. We Pinay moms, are always feeling like super moms, able to do anything and everything that we have a tendency to ignore our symptoms. Don’t just disregard it. People who are anemic feel tired and […]

Relax Lang Mom’s Day Out at The Mall of Asia Arena with Cebuana Lhuillier

Cebuana Lhuillier Treats Customer and Clients with a “Thank You For 30!” Concert It was a nice, windy day and we were at the Mall Of Asia for the Cebuana Lhuillier Thank you for 30 concert. Thank you for the invite! Cebuana Lhuillier, the country’s largest lending and remittance network, is hosting a three-part concert […]

Pinoy Food Innovation at the First ever Funlasang Pinoy Twist Fest by Unilever Philippines

10 Filipino Chefs Compete at the First ever Funlasang Pinoy Twist Fest From the top 160 mouthwatering recipes submitted for the 1st Funlasang Pinoy TwistFest by Unilever Philippines, ten amazing chefs were chosen for the grand cook off last August 26, 2017 at Eastwood Park Plaza. The finalist chefs were challenged to deliver the most […]

Rice hack reduces sugar and starch from rice + my 3 favorite leftover rice recipe

The problem with rice is that it is full of starch and sugar. Although it is an important part of the human diet, too much starch can be undesirable, especially for those trying to lose weight or diabetics. Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate starch when cooking certain foods, such as rice. Rice, just like […]

Gourmet in a Bottle: Chili Garlic Oil Recipe

​Chili garlic is one of the greatest invention of men -next to electricity and only behind Penicillin. Or that may not be true but it’s true that there was a time when I couldn’t survive without chili garlic oil. I know that’s a bad habit. One that I’ve already corrected but once in a while, […]

Mushroom Arroz Caldo Recipe

My winning Mushroom Arroz Caldo Recipe. Jump to recipe. It’s been a rainy week and I was down with flu for the past days. For rainy days and specially when I’m sick, I’m always looking for comfort food. By stroke of luck, I was asked to join Mega Prime Rainy Day Mushroom Souprise Competition and […]

Dulce de Leche – An Estrel Caramel Cake Copycat Recipe

Estrels Caramel Cake Copycat Recipe

Try this Estrel Caramel Cake Copycat recipe. I love Chef Nikkos Caramel Cake version as much as I love the original version.  Have you ever tasted Estrel’s Caramel Cake? The chiffon was fluffy, the buttercream frosting was light and creamy, wonderfully sweet but not overwhelmingly so. And the gooey caramel was fingerlicking good! Just thinking […]