You probably know my story…

I’m just a regular mom, standing in front of the kitchen, asking it to love her.

Now I know that’s cheesy.

But this I know, being a mom, everyday is a battle. And it’s not a job for the weary.

With this food and lifestyle blog, I want to reach out to all the moms out there, who, inundated by the perfect mom of ads, magazines, and social media, try to be all things and ends up depleted, exhausted, unhappy, depressed. In the search of being a perfect mom, we miss the fun of watching our kids grow, leaving our marriage and relationships unattended.

And everything becomes an unending list to check off. We produce picture-perfect homes, gleamingly clean kitchen, Instagram worthy food that we forget to celebrate little successes like finally cleaning that window you’ve been meaning to clean this whole summer, or getting your husband to fix the dripping sink, or your son fixing his bed on his own without nagging.

So yes, let’s all leave that perfect mom idea behind and celebrate little successes along the way.

Like preach!

But really, preaching is the last thing I’d want to do. We all have different values and people choose to do what they do. But what I wanna do is give moms permission. Permission to not be perfect. Permission to relax. And as my son always say, out of the babes mouth, (which incidentally is where this blogs name came from) “Relax Lang, Mom!

There’s never a better time for moms than now. With technology, and an emerging belief system, we are coming out of our shell. You don’t have to stress about doing things like your Lola did, or following old traditions that are toxic and well, truth be told, archaic and obsolete.

I know how precious your free time is. Between juggling work deadlines and keeping up with the little ones, finding moments just for yourself can feel impossible some days.

But creating space for self-care and reconnecting with the things that spark joy is so important for our wellbeing – now more than ever. In those hectic moments, nourishing your soul can feel like an unattainable luxury. But it doesn’t have to be.

Let us make it easier for ourselves.

At the Food Blog, we celebrate the cuisine and culture of the Philippines through easy yet authentic home cooking. Writing about food at helps me tap into rich memories from my childhood and simple pleasures that nourish more than just our stomachs.

I founded RelaxLangMom to connect busy parents to the joy, color and flavors of Filipino food – because family meals should reflect our diverse heritages while remaining simple enough for even the busiest schedules. Maintaining my recipe blog grounds me in what truly matters – cultivating joy, wonder and whimsy for my own little ones through the traditions and flavors I hold dear.

On my recipe blog, you’ll find:

Simple and Approachable Filipino Recipes – From sinigang soup and lumpia spring rolls to chicken adobo and pansit bihon noodles, I share my twists on classic Filipino favorites that are easy enough for any aspiring home cook.

Cultural Context for Each Dish – I know I tend to be a little nerd, but when time provides, I also write historical side notes, and or regional variations for the Filipino recipes I share to give deeper meaning and a unique “Aha!” moment that connects you to Filipino culture through food.
•Ingredient Substitutions and Adaptations – I offer simple ingredient swaps, shortcuts, and kid-friendly variations so you can make even the most regional specialties with ingredients available to you.

I advocate using technology at home. In the kitchen, start using slow cookers, oven, sous vide machine, and yes, even the old pressure cooker. Invest in good washing machines, maybe a robot vacuum cleaner, why not?

If you don’t have any of them consider investing in one, one by one. They are a good investment and can lessen your time in the kitchen or cleaning the house. My absolute favorite is the slow cooker. It’s the opposite of pressure cooker, it cooks really slow. So why would you want a slow cooker if you want to spend less time in the kitchen?

Slow Cookers
I love these old basic Kyowa slow cookers because it has a detachable ceramic inner pot and glass cover. It heats up the entire pot completely because of the crockpot. Plus you can remove the ceramic and put it on the table to serve food directly. And for something as helpful in the kitchen, it’s pretty cheap at only P999 in Lazada. I also have an old American Heritage Multi Function one and looking to get a bigger one.

If you’re a working mom, the slow cooker is perfect for you. You can set it up in the morning and come home to a wonderfully smelling home with your dinner already cooked! Or set it up at night and bring to work for you and the kids lunch!

Instant Pot
The Instant Pot is an American Brand of an electric pressure cooker / multi cooker. It allows you to cook assorted types of food in just one appliance. Though they have a local store now, you can also try the Imarflex Turbo Pot -which is the one I have and is sometimes called as the Instant Pot of the Philippines. There are others in Shopee or Lazada with varying price and uses.

Air Fryer
This is a recent addition to my favorites. The Air Fryer uses hot air in combination with high-speed air circulation (what is also known as TurboStar rapid air technology), and a top grill to cook the food in a non-greasy way. The ingredients are heated from all sides at once. It’s healthier because it uses less oil -I use an oil spritzer. You can also use it as an oven or a broiler.

These appliances are usually Multi Functions so you can save your space while you’re at it too,

What can you expect?
My goal is to make this site a place where you can read about convenient kitchen tools, easy meals and recipes, Do It Yourself -DIY projects, crafting with children, homeschooling, getting healthy, and homemaking encouragement related to running your family easily. In short, this is a place where I share all my tips, tricks, and everything I’m learning about making life easier for busy and not-so-busy moms.

Recently, this blog has been getting quite famous for the Homeschooling articles. It can also work with children studying at home for online schools. I will be more diligent and add more articles on that to help moms relax with their children’s studies at home.

You get my food as is, no styling like a professional food blog. I just thought I’d make that clear. I’m a busy mom, with three jobs most of the time. I cook, press and shoot, then call the troops to eat. I sometimes leave my dishes in the sink or wait until someone takes care of it. 😱 I apologize if that sets you off -then maybe you’re not my right audience.

Please feel free to leave me comments. I love to interact with my readers! Pull up a chair and stick around a while. You can also interact with me on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to email me at april (at) relaxlangmom (dot) com. I’d love to hear from you!

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