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Gourmet Tuyo Recipe

Looking where to buy gourmet tuyo (dried herring)? You don’t have to. Cooking gourmet tuyo at home is easy and cheaper than buying bottled tuyo.

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I discovered gourmet tuyo maybe about a decade ago. There was this one stall in Megamall that the hubby would delicately steer me out of every time were passing by. It’s called Connie’s Kitchen and their bottled deli products are just to die for. I used to try and reverse engineer their products all the time. The bottled dulong, bottled daing, tinapa, bangus in corn oil, and of course, the gourmet tuyo.

I suspect that the name gourmet comes from the fact that it has olive oil.  But it’s easy enough to cook. Don’t worry! To save on oil,  I used Canola instead of corn and olive oil. They said olive oil is healthier of course and tastes better, but I’d rather die first than use my very small supply of olive oil for tuyo – no matter how gourmet.

Here’s a recipe I got from the Ifoodala group, just to share. I tend to be on the “tancha mode” when I’m cooking so use this one as a guide.

Gourmet Tuyo Recipe



1. Remove the head and tails and the soft part of tuyo
2. Fry in little oil and remove the scales
3. Arrange in a bottle
4. In a saucepan heat corn and olive oil
5. Fry garlic until golden brown
6. Add hot chilies and vinegar
7. Bring to a boil and add paprika
8. Pour over tuyo in bottle cool, seal and refrigerate
9. Refrigerate after 5 days to allow the flavor to blend

Gourmet Tuyo Recipe. All Pinoy. Super Yummy! -Relax lang Mom Filipino Food Blog

Ps, I got the glass bottles for packing here.

Also, I love this Bottled Gourmet Tuyo or this Gourmet Tuyo Olive Oil Version at Lazada if you don’t wanna go thru the hassle.

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