Ricky Lee’s Creative Writing Workshop and The Secrets To Storytelling

Ricky Lee's Creative Writing Workshop and The Secrets To Storytelling 1

Me and creative writing, long history. Growing up, I have always wanted to become a writer. And I did become one. Of sorts. I am a blogger, and my main bread comes from writing long mind numbing articles, features, and news stories on the web (with about 98% not under my name. And while it […]

Writing and Digressing

Writing and Digressing 2

 Many, many years ago. Well, that sounds like an introduction to a rather long, convoluted story that my husband would make for our three year old daughter but I digress. Which is the point of the story, which is, to digress.             So, many, many years ago, back when I was in High School, around […]

The Professional Applicant

The Professional Applicant 3

That it is hard to find a job is an understatement. It is way beyond hard. It is near impossible. Especially for undergraduates like me. Cashiers have to be accounting graduates. Waitresses have to be HRM graduates. Secretaries need to have Business Ad. Diploma under their sleeves. And experience is a magical word that you […]