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Overwhelmed Mom Gets Strange Feeling in a Moment of SilenceThen She Hears a Whisper in Her Ear

Something just felt “odd.” Seconds later, she hears this… By Brie Gowen I am a busy mom, and I have no problem with that. Yes, I’m semi cuckoo for cocoa puffs most of the time, but at night when everything gets real quiet I typically want to burst into happy tears for how awesome my […]

A parent posted a photo of a very creepy baby onesie and the internet is not into it

If your baby could read, they would not be about it. Image: Getty Images We all know where babies come from…no need to put it in writing and make them wear it. Mumsnet user, Jarhead123, posted a photo of a baby onesie that will surely give you the creeps. Image: mumsnet/ jarhead123 The user of […]

5 Great Toys to Get Your Kids Brain Tickin

Andrew B. Myers When your kid wants to watch My Little Pony for the zillionth time, take a breath and substitute one of these brain-boosters instead. 1. Maker Lab | $20 Becoming an engineer means looking at the world with resourceful eyes—particularly when spying a shelf full of office supplies. With help from the Smithsonian […]