10 Kitchen Organization Hacks That Won’t Cost You A Dime

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I know we all want to restore order to our kitchens, but let’s be honest – sometimes spending money on new gadgets and tools isn’t in the budget. Not to worry! As any mom knows, we’re experts at making something from nothing. In this post I’ll share 10 ingenious kitchen organization hacks you can implement right now using only what you already have on hand. Your space will thank you while your wallet remains happy!

Hack number one is perfect for the pantry – start your kitchen organization project by placing a list on the inside of the door detailing all contents. Now your stock stays front and center so nothing expires in the back of shelves. This helps you save with less waste, saving us some of those precious moolah! Alternately, you can use an app like Kitchen Pal or Supercook to keep track of your ingredients.

10 Kitchen Organization Hacks That Won't Cost You A Dime 1

For cereals and snacks, hack two incorporates vertical thinking. Measure box heights and use empty containers to riser stack items neatly. Stagger sizes to maximize that upper reach space.

The utensil drawer is hack three’s target. Toss old rubber bands and sort cutlery into egg cartons or sections of an empty toilet paper roll. Compartments corral for easy finding.

Tired of appliance acrobatics? Hack four positions your microwave on top of the fridge (if safe for your model). Now precious counter real estate opens up for prep work without doubling your electric bill.

Let hack five organize odds and ends under the sink. Assign clean, empty bottles their new purpose by labeling with contents like cleaners or oils. Form and function in one.

In the fridge, hack six utilizes science for visibility. Place small items on top shelf and large containers on bottom. Now everything is front and center for at-a-glance awareness.

Stack cookbooks vertically with spacers between for hack seven. Old magazines, folded paper or inserts fill gaps to riser stack your library neatly within reach.

Magnets aren’t just for artwork! Hack eight uses magnets on cool surfaces to corral tools and reminders you need at-hand like scissors or shopping lists.

10 Kitchen Organization Hacks That Won't Cost You A Dime 2

Roll up utensils for hack nine storage by securing with a hair tie or rubber band. Now flatware coils compactly in drawers with no clutter.

Finally, hack 10 brings DIY storage wherever it’s needed. Cut paper or cardboard into baskets, bins or dividers and label for any area requiring organization.

Hope these no-spend solutions spark ingenious ideas of your own! Let me know which hacks you implement.

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