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Relaxlangmom.com is a Filipino recipe blog that provides quick easy Pinoy recipes and simple meal plans. I’m on a mission to make life easier for Pinay moms like me. 

I usually post about food stories, family recipes, homeschooling,  productivity at home, and general life experiences as a homeschooling mom and an online freelancer. I advocate a relaxed attitude that can only come from planning and advanced design. 

So why a Filipino recipe blog? Why not just blog about freelancing (which I’d been doing for the past 10 20 years) or maybe just homeschooling? It’s because I realized that all the nerves and overwhelm that I’d been experiencing mostly have something to do about food, and what to cook next, and whether I have enough in my refrigerator to cook for the next meal. One of my online work gave me an idea when the boss asked me to order a meal plan for her. That took a moment to register before I realized what she meant. So I said to myself, that’s crazy cool. Why dont I do that too? Why dont I get a meal plan myself and prepare a those meals so that theyre ready to cook when I need them? 

Only the meal plans are mostly American and or British, or even Italian. But no, nothing for the simple Filipino food that I’m used to. So that idea was born.  A Filipino recipe blog with meal plans in between, so I know exactly what to cook for the whole week. (cheaper too, because I get to buy everything in one go at the market.)

Then of course, I can’t not write about what I do, and this personal blog became a hodgepodge of everything I know and think about, what I care about and what I love the most.

I welcome you to my home. 

Feeling overwhelmed?

It's so much easier when everything is organized!

My name is April. I’m a blogger and freelancer, a raketera mom, always busy with something. I blog about the quick, the easy, the simple. I’m here to help you relax and save your sanity!

Quick confession. I’m the last one you’d expect to be talking about being organized. I’m usually the panic type mom, the last one in the line in the grocery store at night trying to force the cashier to sell me some craft materials my kid needs for his homeschool collective (which there isnt because its not a bookstore). Or defrosting meat at 11:59 in the morning, well, because lunch. It’s crazy.

Well, that’s all in the past since I studied about getting things done (except Murphy’s Law of course). Things still get crazy a few times a week but now I can get things under control with just a few hacks here and there. and I don’t feel that knot in my tummy when I wake up in the morning thinking about what things I should have done a week ago should I do today.

So anyway, I write about how I try to slay chaos at home. Not to be the perfect mom like my neighbor or have an Instagrammable food (I take the worst photos) but to help Pinay mommies like me to feel like they have control of their life -even just to feel like a halfway success everyday. Get your food fix, Pinoy recipes, life hacks, homeschooling tips, and productivity tricks here!


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