Kdrama Review -Miss Night and Day: A Hilarious K-Drama Romp Through Time and Age

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Hey there, fellow K-drama enthusiasts! I’ve been suffering from a serious case of KDrama Withdrawal these days, After several favorites, nothing seems to have tickled my fancy from the recent batch of Kdramas on Netflix. Still, I can’t let the day pass without watching at least one drama right? Jin-hyuk oppa has a running delightfully quirky Kdrama called “Miss Night and Day,” so this one is what were going to review today.

The premise is like “Freaky Friday” meets “Law & Order,” with a sprinkle of “Hot Young Bloods” for good measure. This story is about a woman who had difficulty getting a job and is magically switching between her 20s and 50s while interning at the Prosecution Office.

The show kicks off with a bang, serving up hilarity and heart in equal measure. Our leading ladies, Jung Eun Ji and Lee Jung Eun, are absolute comedic gold. I nearly choked on my kimchi when Lee Jung Eun busted out that dance to prove she was born in ’96. Talk about “dancing queen, young and sweet, only… fifty?”. Totally meme-worthy.

A Critique Against Ageism

But it’s not all laughs and body-swapping shenanigans. The show tackles some pretty heavy themes, like ageism in the workplace. One minute, our heroine’s too old for a job, the next she’s the office baby. It’s like watching “The Devil Wears Prada,” but instead of Anne Hathaway transforming into a fashion icon, she’s ping-ponging between millennial and Gen X!

The show addresses ageism head-on by depicting Mi-Jin’s struggles with age discrimination during job interviews. Her qualifications are discounted simply because of her age, showcasing a real-world issue many face. By having Mi-Jin magically switch between her 20s and 50s, the show provides a unique lens to explore how society treats people differently based on their perceived age. This allows for a direct comparison of experiences across age groups.

The show seems to subvert expectations about age and energy levels. Some viewers noted that the older version of Mi-Jin (played by Lee Jung Eun) appears more energetic and positive than her younger self, challenging the stereotype that youth automatically equals vitality.

Mi-Jin’s transformation forces her to confront how she sees herself at different ages, as well as how others perceive her. This internal struggle adds depth to the exploration of ageism. The show criticizes how people, especially women, are often valued more for their age and appearance than their skills and accomplishments. Even small details, like the gifts given to the older Mi-Jin character, are carefully chosen to avoid ageist stereotypes (e.g., no plastic surgery vouchers or expensive supplements).

    The show’s not without its quirks, though. Some viewers found the tonal shifts in the second episode a bit jarring. But hey, isn’t that what makes K-dramas so uniquely addictive?

    Plot and Characters

    As for our stars, Jung Eun Ji is proving once again why she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s not afraid to ugly-cry or look overwhelmed, which is refreshingly real in this era of Instagram-perfect K-drama heroines. Lee Jung Eun, fresh off her success in “Work Later, Drink Now,” is absolutely killing it as the older version of our protagonist. We love this Ajumma in anything that she does!

    Now, let’s talk about our eye candy… I mean, our male lead, Choi Jin Hyuk. This man’s voice is deeper than my love for banana milk, and he rocks those tight dress shirts like it’s nobody’s business. It’s giving me major second-lead syndrome flashbacks to the golden age of K-dramas (2006-2014, in case you were wondering). From Pasta to The Last Empress (I loved this!), we ached for him to finally get the girl but alas. I last watched him in another quirky Kdrama -the Zombie Detective and hes getting shinier ah he ages like fine wine!

    Now, I can’t wrap this up without mentioning the intriguing subplot involving a missing persons case and… a cat? Yes, you heard that right. Move over, Detective Pikachu, there’s a new animal sleuth in town!

    To watch or not to watch?

    It’s not mind-blowing, but “Miss Night and Day” is shaping up to be the perfect summer watch. It’s got laughs, heart, a dash of mystery, and enough eye candy to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. So grab your favorite snack (mine’s Pepero, obviously), curl up on the couch, and get ready for a wild ride through the day and night of K-drama land!

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