Easy Homemade Tapa Shawarma Rice For Your Cravings

Greetings fellow foodies! This is April from Relax Lang Mom with another enticing recipe you must try – shawarma rice! Whether you crave Middle Eastern cuisine or seeking something different for supper, look no further. I’ll share simple steps to satisfying your cravings with this tasty take on a hawker classic. This dish, a delightful

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Easy Braised Beef Short Ribs

Hi everyone, it’s April from Relax Lang Mom! There are those days when you just want something different from your usual meals, right? That’s how I was feeling the other day – I was craving beef but wasn’t feeling like our regular Filipino beef dishes. Bulalo, Nilaga, and Mechado just weren’t hitting the spot. I

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Pan Fried Sous Vide Pork Steaks (Kasim)

Growing up in Marinduque, Pinoy Pork Steak was a staple at our dinner table. But it wasn’t until I ventured out into the big, wide world that I realized pork steak meant something different elsewhere! Pork steak in the Philippines refers to thin slices of pork cooked in a sweet and sour sauce made from

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10 Delicious Recipes for Leftover Lechon Manok

There’s nothing like the mouth-watering aroma and savory flavors of Lechon Manok, the famous Filipino rotisserie chicken. Whether you have it at home with the easy lechon from air fryers nowadays or go for the classic Andoks versus its rival Baliwag or the new-ish Chooks to go, having leftovers can be a great opportunity to

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Relax Lang Mom is a Pinoy Mom Blog for food, lifestyle, and simple living. I believe that you don’t have to be perfect to be a good mom. Let us give ourselves permission. Permission to not be perfect. Permission to relax. And as my son always say, out of the babes mouth, (which incidentally is where this blog’s name came from) “Relax Lang, Mom!

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