Bluecoins & Budget Bliss: How Tech Tamed Our Spending And Helped Manage Our Budget

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Hi friends! It’s April from here to share how the BlueCoins Budgeting app has truly changed my family’s spending and saving habits for the better. Like many of you moms 9and dads!), keeping track of our finances has always been a bit of scattered mess. Receipts shoved in my wallet, notes scribbled on bits of paper around the house – it was so easy for expenses to sneak up on us!

Then a few months ago, surprisingly, my husband suggested I check out the Bluecoins finance app. Being able to access it from my phone as well as share the budget with my husband has honestly been a game-changer for our family. Everything is in one organized place so we always have a clear overview of where our money is going each month. No more guessing at balances or maxed out credit cards sneak attacking us!

Now we all know keeping track of the cash flow can get convoluted faster than a a newly cleaned sink. With kids, bills, groceries and who knows what else, it’s easier than milking a bull to let those pesoses get away from us. But since discovering Bluecoins on my Android gizmo, getting a grasp on our family’s finances has been simpler than Sunday supper (or not, but that’s not the piont)!

This app connects all your bank accounts, credit cards, investment portfolios and more so you’ve got a birds-eye view of your financial situation all in one spot. No more scrambling around for statements or manually adding up receipts – just open Bluecoins and get the lowdown on your liquid assets faster than a sheriff drawing his six-shooter! They even hook up to cloud services like Google Drive and OneDrive so your data is safely stored and accessible from any device. Ain’t that handy?!

The colorful dashboard breaks down spending into intuitive categories like groceries, bills, dining out etc. One thing I admire about Bluecoins is its easy categorization system. You can allocate spending to things like “groceries”, “utilities”, “kids’ activities” and more so you really understand where your hard-earned moolah is moseying off too. There’s also helpful built-in budgets to help corral your costs. Went over your grocery allotment this month? No worries, Bluecoins will let you know!

I can easily see at a glance how much budget we have left in each area. If the kids have been wanting a special treat, I don’t have to waste time shuffling through receipts – I know immediately if we have funds available and can predict months ahead. The graph views also help identify spending patterns so we can see where we may be overdoing it, like that pesky “miscellaneous” (err-snacks?) category that mysteriously eats away money.

Bluecoins & Budget Bliss: How Tech Tamed Our Spending And Helped Manage Our Budget 1

Another perk is that Bluecoins makes budgeting a team effort. My husband Evan has the app too and we tag each other on significant purchases so we’re always on the same page. No more surprises when the credit card bill arrives! We can also set spending limits for each other like “Paolo – your monthly apps allotment is 1000php max”. This playful reminders helps us both stay accountable. I’m sure the joint budget view has saved many disagreements down the line too.

For freelancer folks like us, always having your finances at your fingertips is invaluable. Because Bluecoins automatically backs up my data daily to Google Drive, I never have to worry if I accidentally delete the app or get a new phone. All my records, budgets and transaction history are safely stored in the cloud. This has brought me so much peace of mind, especially since it can be tough to access banking services regularly here in Marinduque.

I also love the note section attached to each transaction. Whenever I pay in cash somewhere without a receipt, I jot down what it was for. This extra layer of detail has trained me and Paolo to be meticulous spenders since we know we’ll have to account for it later. No more money slipping through the cracks! Our favorite feature though is how easy Bluecoins makes splitting bills and payments. Whether it’s dividing up our monthly WiFi cost or splitting a big grocery haul, the built-in calculator ensures everything is fair and balanced. Talk about saving arguments!

Now I know keeping ledgers and staying money-wise ain’t nobody’s idea of a good time. But I promise Bluecoins makes the process downright pleasant. The app has a sharp, intuitive interface that’ll have even tech-averse folks like this here blogger feelin’ savvier than a snake oil marketer (lol)! There’s color-coded charts that show your trends clearer than a cloudless sky. Transactions are easy to find, tag and track. Heck, you can even manage future scheduled bills and recurring payments!

Since adopting Bluecoins, this momma’s been amazed at how much money I’ve been able to save just by having a holistic view of where it’s all going each month. I’ve trimmed unnecessary subscriptions, identified impulse purchases to cut back on, and planned our finances with more intention. It really gives peace of mind knowing we’re budgeting smart while still enjoying life’s little luxuries here and yonder. And for me that’s the most important thing.

Since getting organized with Bluecoins, our family’s finances have never been better. Now of course, we aint rich yet, but we’re actually sticking to a budget (shocking, I know), paying down debts faster and even putting away savings each month. Best of all, I no longer stress trying to recall where every last penny went. Everything is neatly logged, categorized and accessible anytime, anywhere. The financial overview this app provides is truly invaluable, especially for busy parents like myself.

My friends, if you’re like me and dread managing money, I urge you to give Bluecoins a try. The savings from just being aware of your spending can really add up over time. Treat yourself to their Premium upgrade too for advanced graph views and backup options. (Only P300+ via Gcash) You won’t regret taking control of your finances with such an intuitive, beautifully designed app.

Are you ready to stay on top of your money with Bluecoins? Just loop up the App on Iphone or Google Playstore or head on over to their website at to check it out for yourself. It’s free to download on Android and once you see how easy it makes your dollars and cents, you’ll be whistling a different tune, I guarantee!

Till next time folks, happy budgeting and mind those finances! Don’t forget to sign up for my email list below for more money-saving homesteading hacks and down-home wisdom. Keep it real out there!

Ps, Sign up to my mailing list below for your chance to win a Premium subscription! Simply provide your name and email for updates on more tech tools to simplify your busy mom life. Your finances will thank you, I promise. Let’s get organized!

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