Easy Death By Chocolate Banana Cake (Maya Cake Mix Version)

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It’s been hard to find a Maya Mixes these days. I found some on my nearby grocery and I was so happy to see these Banana Cake Mix. Just some semblance of normality in these pandemic days that’s keeping everyone on edge.

This is an easy Banana Cake is made yummier with only two additions to the original Banana Cake Mix recipe by MAYA. It’s called Death by Chocolate because we added Choco Chips and cocoa powder. I’m not sure how to take that name given that it’s so easy to die these days but okay. Maybe the original Recipe makers meant well because you can die out of satisfaction, right?

Anyway, this Death By Chocolate Banana Cake is easy, delish, and quick to make for a sudden guest or a lazy afternoon. I’ve always dunked my banana on a Nutella bottle and this confirms what I knew all along -banana and chocolate are great together. Serve the banana cake with a glass of milk and you’re feeling happier already!

Why use a Banana Cake Mix?

The pandemic aside, I always advocated for easy doings in the kitchen. Everything doesnt always have to be a production. There’s no shame in using easy to prepare mixes. And if you’re not a regular baker, it’s cheaper in the long run not to have all those extra ingredients running -este, hanging around in the kitchen. If you’re not a vigilant homemaker, you’d end up with expired baking soda or yeast and you’d end up ruining your next bake.

Level It Up

Death By Chocolate Banana Cake

If you want to level it up for special occasions, you can make a basic chocolate ganache and pour it over your cake.

Basic Chocolate Ganache (3 ways)

12 ounces (1 1/2 cups) chopped bittersweet chocolate
1 cup heavy cream (All Purpose Cream is fine)
3 tablespoons flavored liqueur (optional)

Place chopped chocolate and cream in a heavy-duty saucepan. Heat until chocolate is melted and stirs until smooth and glossy.
Allow to cool before pouring over cakes and glaze. The longer the ganache is cooled, the thicker it will set.
Once cool and thick, this may be piped on cakes and cupcakes.
This can also be whipped to make whipped ganache.

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