Finding Baking Supplies in Divisoria: My Fuss-Free Guide for Moms on a Budget

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Dear fellow momshies,

It’s almost Christmas and for moms who have a talent in baking, it just might be the time to start a small side business. So if you’re looking for budget-friendly baking supplies,  Divisoria market in Manila is a treasure trove for both basic and commercial baking equipment, plus a variety of ingredients – all at super affordable prices!

In this article, we will explore some of the top picks and essential information to help you navigate through Divisoria’s bustling streets and find the best baking supplies for your needs.

Baking Equipment

Divisoria has everything from simple cookie sheets and cake pans to industrial-sized ovens and mixers. Sto. Cristo street has rows of shops offering every type of kitchen equipment at competitive prices. Look around and compare to get the best deal.

Basic Tools

For basic tools, head to Sto. Cristo St. and CM Recto (CM Recto corner to Clavel St. corner, San Nicolas), where many street vendors sell basic mixing bowls, pans, spatulas, and more. You’re sure to find what you need for a fraction of store prices!

Divisoria also caters to those seeking basic baking equipment. Apart from the commercial options, CM Recto boasts several stores and street vendors that sell a variety of basic baking tools. Whether you’re looking for mixing bowls, measuring cups, baking pans, or utensils, CM Recto is a great place to explore.

Exploring Divisoria for baking equipment is an adventure in itself, as you’ll encounter a bustling atmosphere filled with vendors and shops, each offering their unique selection of products. Remember to compare prices, check for quality, and negotiate for the best deal. It’s also worth noting that the availability of specific items may vary, so visiting multiple stores can increase your chances of finding exactly what you need.

Commercial Equipment

When it comes to commercial and industrial baking equipment, Divisoria offers a multitude of options. One of the prime locations for sourcing baking equipment is Sto. Cristo St. in the San Nicolas area. Here, you’ll find a range of stores side-by-side, each offering an extensive selection of baking and kitchen-related equipment. Additionally, CM Recto corner to Clavel St. corner in San Nicolas is another hotspot for commercial baking equipment.

Before embarking on your shopping adventure, it’s advisable to research the specific item you need. Given the vast array of choices available in the stores, having a clear understanding of your requirements will help streamline your search process. Whether you’re looking for dough mixers, bread slicers, ovens, coconut grinders, or any other equipment for industrial canteens, restaurants, fast-food chains, hotels & resorts, coffee shops, bakeries, catering, or food carts, Sto. Cristo St. and its neighboring areas have got you covered.

Baking Ingredients

Divisoria is not just a haven for baking equipment but also a hub for various baking ingredients. Whether you require flour, salt, sugar, or other essential baking ingredients, you’ll find multiple options in the San Nicolas area. Clavel St., Sto. Cristo St., and Elcano St. are some of the top picks for sourcing baking ingredients. These streets are lined with shops that stock a wide variety of baking essentials to fulfill your culinary needs.

Apart from the common baking ingredients, Divisoria is also an excellent place to find specialty items such as banana leaves. Asuncion St., particularly the San Nicolas side, is the go-to spot for procuring fresh and high-quality banana leaves, which are commonly used for wrapping and cooking traditional Filipino delicacies – just what you need to wrap lumpia, suman, and more!

I hope sharing this (slightly chaotic) baking supply heaven from Divisoria helps stretch your budget a little further, mama! If you have any other questions about sourcing affordable baking ingredients and tools in Divisoria, feel free to ask. Stay happy and stress-free!

Relax, mama!   

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