I am definitely a food adventurer before the net even coined the word “foodie”. I am always delighted when I find unique dishes, fusion food, and experiments with Pinoy Food. At the Funlasang Pinoy event sponsored by Unilever, I got to meet several unique concessionaires that takes pride in reinventing Filipino food and innovating Pinoy food.

Here are my top 5 Pinoy Food favorites from the event!

Crackle Chips
FB: Cracklechips.ph

Have I told you about my latest salted egg obsession? I just love salted egg everything and I was delighted to see that Crackle Chips have salted egg chips! Their potatoes are sourced locally and you are also supporting our farmers when you buy their product.


Nieta Preserves
IG: @nieta_ph

I was so amazed by this Calamansi product and I interviewed the lovely owner of Nieta to get her to reveal their secret recipe. If youre a relaxlangmom reader, you’d know that I have a thing for preserves and bottling products. I was humbled by her answer of hard work and lots of squeezing. 😛 These jam and preserves are so affordable at P150 for the plain one. But my favorite is Mint and Gin flavor at P175. Too bad there’s no intoxicating effect, haha!

Sabaw Dumplings
FB: SabawDumplings

Sabaw Dumplings is a cool reinvention of Xiao Long Bao, the Chinese soupy dumplings. They have funny names like Bula Long Bao, and Tinolang Bao. I see what you did there! The lady manning the store was super cool too. Definitely a standout Pinoy Food Concessionaire with a flare!

ThinkWink Cookies
FB: Thinkwinkcookies
IG: @thinkwinkcookies

I loved, loved ThinkWink’s Mango Bread! Their cookies are soft and chewy. But what I loved most is the staff! They were very friendly and answered all my questions (and adeptly sidestepped my quest for their mango coconut bread recipe).

Mango Coconut Bread

Lokalitea All Natural Turmeric Tea
FB: Lokalitea

All the sugar in today’s drinks are enough to ruin your health. If you’re drinking softdriink daily expect a lot of health problems. obesity, diabetes, etc. Even those drinks pretending to be a health drink is full of sugar! I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted Lokalitea’s Turmeric Tea (because Turmeric, even though healthy, doesnt taste much like anything). It tasted delicious and complimented well with calamansi and lemongrass. And just a hint of sweetness too! Thumbs up Lokalitea!


Healthy Nuggets
Fb: Healthy Nuggets
IG: Healthy Nuggets 

Healthy Nuggets is a malungay (moringa) based nuggets (like chicken nuggets) for picky kids who doesnt want to eat veggies. I wasnt able to test it until I got home and cooked my loot secretly (without telling them it’s malungay.) Success!




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