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My Mommy Blogger Gratitude List + A Giveaway

Your dinner is on me! Get a chance to win a Lins Kitchen Gift Certificate worth P2500! It’s been a whirlwind 3 months since I “officially” became a Mommy Blogger and I can’t believe I’m now here, at this point, despite start -stopping for several years.  Yes, I’ve been trying to blog, on and off […]

Granted, these moms are way cool.

But I don’t exactly know what passive aggressive is in Filipino? [playbuzz-item item=”d3c39213-228e-4492-805a-d2e1f813122c” format=”snap-article”] [playbuzz-item item=”d3c39213-228e-4492-805a-d2e1f813122c” info=”false” shares=”true” comments=”true” recommend=”undefined” format=”snap-article”]