What’s on your Christmas Wishlist? Are you looking for a gift for mom and pop? Or perhaps, your husband has been looking longingly at stuff inside Ace Hardware recently?

Or if its for mom, it must be something for the kitchen or renovations. I’ve been dreaming of house improvements myself and for the first quarter of 2018, I’m planning a kitchen remodel.

Here are a few ideas from Co Ban Kiat Hardware Store, a house improvement and home renovation partner at Relax Lang Mom!

Co Ban Kiat Hardware
This holiday season, give a gift that does great things inside homes. Westinghouse Contempra Trio Ceiling fan delivers powerful air movement and quiet performance without sacrificing style.
Available in leading hardware stores nationwide or order online at www.cbkhardware.com
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Who is Co Ban Kiat?

Co Ban Kiat Hradware Inc. (CBKHI), is a hardware company also known as the “House of Improvements”. For decades, it has been the forefront of homebuilding supplies. They’re a one stop shop hardware supplies, from selling nails and iron wires as their main products, CBKHI has evolved and is now considered as one of the country’s leading suppliers of the top-of-the-line hardware materials.

Co Ban Kiat is one of the few pioneering hardware companies in Binondo Manila which has withstood the test of time. From 1920 till now, (only stopping during the World War II), in the heart of Manila Chinatown, Co Ban Kiat remains on the very spot where it started.

One of the firsts who developed the retail concept for hardware stores in the country by putting up the Hardware Workshop Store, this also paved way to the birth of Coby’s Design Center in Edsa Shangri La in 1996. This specialty store offers a wide array of products that showcase versatility and innovativeness to suit the discriminating tastes of the modern Filipino.

In 1997, Mr. Johnny Cobankiat, owner and patriarch, took the advantage in bringing a franchise of Ace Hardware USA in the country with Cobankiat Hardware as one of its suppliers. Now, CBKHI expanded its distribution channel and is now one of the leading suppliers in all major retail or home improvement stores in the country.

To order online and to know more about our products and services, please visit our website www.cbkhardware.com or follow our Facebook account www.facebook.com/cbkhardware.

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