Mastering K-Drama Selections: Top Picks and Hidden Gems of 2023

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Explore the Best and Most Underrated Korean Dramas of the Year – Your Ultimate Guide to Quality Viewing

What’s buzzing fellow parents and kdrama lovers! It’s your favorite blogger April from here with a fresh take on some of the top Korean dramas from this year that just may become your new faves.

Let me set the scene – it’s a rainy Saturday and the kids are home from school with nothing but snacks and screen time to keep them occupied. Sound familiar? Well drop those remotes and grab a cup of coffee because mama’s about to spill the tea on some can’t-miss shows that will have you on the edge of your couch!

Mastering K-Drama Selections: Top Picks and Hidden Gems of 2023 1

Crash Course in Romance,

Ooh, let me tell you how “Crash Course in Romance” had me in a chokehold from the very first episode! Seeing Jeon Do Yeon playful chemistry with the always charming Jung Kyung Ho is drama gold in itself. But it was so refreshing to see a leading lady my age just trying to balance it all like the rest of us mamas out here.

You all know I live for a good enemies-to-lovers slow burn, and these two did not disappoint. I related HARD to Do Yeon’s struggles juggling shop duties and not-so-chance encounters. Her character felt so real in both embracing this new chapter and worrying what others thought. Bonus points for shining a light on the crazy pressure society puts on our babies. Like, back off peeps!

Jung Kyung Ho has been crushing roles since his breakout in “Cruel City” and it was swoon-city watching him soften into a caring tutor. I may or may not have paused some scenes cough cough . And don’t even get me started on those neighborhood ajummas! Half the time I just wanted to reach through the screen and give them a piece of my mind. Back off and let the girl live, amirite?

The kids’ storylines added layers too. Overall the heart was so full and feel-trippy without being overly sad. Sign me up for more rom-com gold like this in 2023 please!

Mastering K-Drama Selections: Top Picks and Hidden Gems of 2023 2

The Glory. Girl, when I tell you “The Glory” had me doing the most! Any other drama fans out there with a little petty in them will feel so seen watching this revenge thriller go down. We’ve all been in situations where you just wanna scream “It’s payback time!”

This drama did vengeance storylines the RIGHT way. No stone was left unturned as our characters sought redemption in big, badass ways that this mama fully supported. Something about watching the wrongs get made right is just chef’s kiss. And don’t even get me started on the catharsis of their healing journeys along the way.

Who among us hasn’t faced their fair share of adversity, big or small? It was easy to feel for these characters just trying to move on from past pains. The emotional intelligence in this show hit different. Of course we know our girl Song Hye Kyo will always be delivering top-tier roles but this may be your best yet!

Consider “The Glory” your sign to embrace that petty side we all got. Take notes on how to get rid of enemies both fictional and IRL, cause girl – they did it right! If you loved Vincenzo, My Name, or Itaewon Class, this is a great addition to your revenge collection!

Moving. Now it’s time to talk fist fights and magic with “Moving”! If you’re like me and live for butt-kicking action with a side of fantasy, buckle up – this one’s a wild ride from start to finish.

Beyond the high-octane fight scenes and displays of super powers, I loved that the show took its time unveiling each character’s motivations through hints of their pasts. All the mysteries kept me fully engaged episode after episode trying to piece it all together. Perfect material to fuel discussions with the kiddos too!

My tweens and I had a blast debating themes like heroism, justice, and what really makes a villain. Getting their perspectives on the gray areas kept things interesting for Mama too. There’s no better way to bond than obsessing over your favorites shows together, amirite?

Overall “Moving” was big, badass fun that left me craving more. If epic fights and discovering secret backstories are your thing, then this action-packed drama surely hits the spot! Consider it your next binge – you and the babes are guaranteed to love theorizing all the plot twists together. Kind of disappointed though that Jo In Sung is just a side character. Would have loved to see more of him!

The Forbidden Marriage. “The Forbidden Marriage” was swoon city from start to finish and had this mama forgetting all her troubles for an hour. With its swoon-worthy leads and LOL-worthy palace shenanigans, this historical drama served all the lighthearted feels a busy body like me craves. No matter how hectic life gets, you can always count on a good rom-com to whisk you away, right?

As a history nerd myself, I loved all the royal intricacies and court dynamics on full display. But let’s be real – the rest of us just want to see love persevere through it all! This drama delivered on fantasizing about forbidden love stories in spades.

So next time the stress of motherhood has you wanting an laugh and forgetting your troubles, cue up this gem. I promise you and your wine night crew are guaranteed to swoon, snicker and “aww” your way through!

Get those happily ever after feels without even leaving your couch – now if that isn’t escapism done right, I don’t know what is!

Mastering K-Drama Selections: Top Picks and Hidden Gems of 2023 3

Alchemy of Souls. Don’t even get me started on my new obsession “Alchemy of Souls” you all! As a forever fantasy nerd, the magical premise of souls switching bodies had this mama enraptured from episode one.

I loved how each character’s backstories spanned multiple lifetimes, delving into deep themes about destiny and the consequences of our actions in imaginative ways. Perfect thought-provoking TV to keep mama’s mind stimulated without too much mental effort on my part if you know what I mean!

Each week I looked forward to peeling back more layers of the storyline and piecing together clues from past lives. Getting to debate theories with my online wand-wielding crew made the watching experience even more magical.

Did I tell you about the amazing third character, the petty and grumpy Prince of Daeho Guk? From moment one I was enraptured by the mystifying connection between Jae-Woo, and Mu-Deok, and Guk. The romance between all the three characters is just so kilig lol.

If you need an enchanting escape that still feeds the brain, look no further. The fantasy, mystery and epic love story hook had me charmed til the very end. I’ll definitely be rewatching “Alchemy of Souls” on lazy Sundays for years to come!

Doctor Cha. And saving the best for last – how amazing was “Doctor Cha”, you guys?! As a working mama who’s had to shelve ambition to focus on fam, I felt so seen watching our leading lady restart her medical career.

Juggling motherhood and a high pressure job is no joke, yet she did it with such grace and grit. It was so inspiring to see her take the reins after dedicating her time being a wife and mom. We’ve all had to put our own dreams on hold at some point – this show resonated with that struggle in such a real way.

I also lived for the authentic portrayals of family dynamics. The flaws felt realistic yet redemptive. Doesn’t it always feel good to see people working through relatable relationship woes on screen?

Whether you’re a career woman missing the hustle or simply appreciate dramatic medical storylines – this drama delved into themes any working mom could appreciate. Consider it your next binge – you’ll laugh, cry and feel so empowered alongside our brave doctor mama!

That’s just a taste of what’s streaming – be sure to binge more on and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for weekly Kdrama recs and musings straight to your inbox. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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