Rebel Moon Review: A Sci-Fi Fizzle Filled with Familiar Echoes

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Rebel Moon: A Sci-Fi Symphony Out of Tune?

Hey everyone, April here from! Watched the second installment of the sci fi action film Rebel Moon over the weekend.  I know a lot of debates have been swirling online about this one since it first hit streaming, so I wanted to dive in and share my thoughts, especially for those of us movie-lovers out in the provinces who crave a good escape but don’t always have the latest blockbusters at our fingertips.

Now, Zack Snyder usually conducts a visually stunning symphony with his films. Think 300 or Watchmen. But something felt off with Rebel Moon. It was like a remix of familiar scenes and characters from other sci-fi franchises (ahemm, Seven Samurai, ahemm, Starwars). It’s a pastiche of greatest hits collection missing that Snyder signature melody of originality. And it’s not like Snyder denied it either. He said that he relied heavily on Empire Strikes Back and the cinematic spirit of Star Wars has been integral on the movie. Which is fine. It’s a homage -a tribute to his younger self who fell in love with film because of Star Wars. The problem is -and I had a hard time explaining this to my husband -is that the story itself was not allowed to breath on its own and making its own spirit felt.

The characters themselves felt flat – one-dimensional archetypes instead of the complex individuals who draw you into a story. This issue is the film’s dialogue, I think, which many described as either clunky or overly simplistic. The actors themselves were good. Kora is fine -I’m a bit annoyed that she looks like she’s about to cry at any given minute but that’s how she looks in real life. Hounsou’s late introduction and limited screen time on the first movie was disappointing. He was given a longer role on the second installment at The Scargiver but his speech felt like a parody of the speech in 300. Husband says I’m nitpicking. 🤷🏽‍♀️ A good movie grabs you by the feels and I wanna care about what happens to the people on screen, whether they’re facing down a tyrannical army or just trying to make rent on a space station.

But hold up, I’m getting ahead of myself let’s talk about the set design and costumes! The world-building in Rebel Moon was beautiful. The costumes, landscapes – everything about this futuristic island felt like a whole new universe, stunning and detailed. It felt like Snyder poured his imagination into crafting this setting, even if the story itself wasn’t mind-blowing. Some said that it was designed so that it leaves room for future adventures, which is cool. Imagine exploring more of this universe with a tighter plot and more fleshed-out characters? So now that’s out of the way -I’m gonna lay flat on its back again -as beautiful as it is, it didn’t feel relatable. It’s like those screensaver on your laptop that looks beautiful but you forget about it on the next instant. One of the things I liked with Starwars is that the places itself is a character in the movie. Imagine far off Tatooine, or the idylic Naboo, they’re alive and almost felt like you know them. Or was I idealizing it too much?

Here’s the thing: visually, Rebel Moon is a feast for the eyes. The slow-motion action sequences are undeniably cool, and the special effects are top-notch. But sometimes, style over substance can leave you feeling a little empty. It’s like attending a concert where the light show is incredible, but the music itself is just forgettable background noise. Don’t get me wrong, a good light show can enhance the music, but it can’t replace it.

So there you have it, Rebel Moon was a visually stunning experience, but it lacked the emotional punch of Snyder’s past works. I almost wish they put less effort into dazzling our eyes and more into creating characters we could truly root for. Sometimes these big films forget that a strong story, with relatable characters and a compelling narrative arc, is what really hooks us and leaves a lasting impression. It’s like building a beautiful concert hall but forgetting about the music!

A fan theory, swirling around the Reddit ether, suggests a hidden layer to the narrative. This speculation, centered around the character of Sam, injects a dose of potential depth that the film itself fails to deliver. Whether this theory holds water remains to be seen, but it does highlight the missed opportunities present within “Rebel Moon.”

So, is Rebel Moon worth a watch? If you’re looking for a visually spectacular way to spend a chill afternoon and don’t mind a predictable plot, then sure! Just keep your expectations in check; it might not top Snyder’s best.

As always, I love hearing your thoughts too! Did you love Rebel Moon or feel it missed the mark? Hit the comments and let’s chat! And hey, if you’re in town this weekend, don’t forget the farmer’s market on Saturday. I’ll be there sampling some local goodies for my next cooking post. See you all next week!

PS! And because, you know, I’m a Kdrama fan, I wanted to add this. I felt so bad for Bae Donna who played Nemesis -a skilled swordswoman. So sad that she wasn’t given more screen time! We got to know more about her on The Scargiver but it’s not enough for such a great actress. :(

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