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Crepe Recipe with Pancake Mix

crepe recipe with pancake mix - Relax lang Mom Filipino Food Blog and Recipes

When you think of crepes, you probably think its hard to make, because it’s served in French restaurants and so sosyal. Hahaha. Kidding. But you can actually make a crepe recipe with pancake mix. Were you surprised? I knew it was somehow possible but it was an untested assumption until now. Crepes are invented in […]

Kanto FreeStyle Breakfast Cooking Demo

Learn how to cook Kanto Freestyle’s Deep-fried Chocolate Cookie. Easy and Yummy! Jump to recipe. After missing ┬áseveral classes, I finally got to get back at The Maya Kitchen for a food tasting and demo presented by the Kanto FreeStyle Breakfast yesterday -November 26. I remember several years ago (when their only location is in […]