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15 Pinoy Low Carb Side Dishes Idea 

Low Cab Side dishes to partner with your ulam.  For Pinoy cooking, the concept of sides does not really exist. Rather we have a pairing of main dish (proteins) and vegetable on the table. Plus rice of course. On my budget table I’m always skipping…


My Pinoy Soup List Comfort Food For the Rainy Season 

5 Pinoy Soup To warm you up this rainy season. Its August and raining almost everyday. Come home to these delicious soups to rest your tired soul, both from too much traffic and the gloom and doom outside. Here are my favorite soup at RelaxLangmom,…


24 Things Youve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life 

So, I really promised not to do this, but here I am giving in. You know, I’m the last one to tell you how not to do things. Some of them are actually useful, but really, some are downright silly. But here you go. Just…


Low Carb Meal Plan Week 3 

This is the third week of our Low Carb Meal Plan. I already lost 1 kilos from 65 to 64. I know, not much, but it was a struggle so I’m celebrating my win!   Again, here are the guidelines: My Guidelines. As much as…


Low Carb Meal Plan Week 2 

So! How was your first week? Did you feel deprived in anyway? My first week went fine. I went all out and had no rice at all. I was able to avoid carbs but I did not see any drastic change in my weight. I…


Recipes for Lent 

As the faithful gets ready for the Holy Week, here are some easy and budget friendly recipes to help you plan your meals. These are nutritious, delicious, and Lent approved! Veggies         Fish       × ×