Ginataang Labong With Shrimps


Labong is a Filipino vegetable common in rural areas but not very common in the cities. Labong is the bamboo shoot, the young bamboo stalks that are not yet tough and are still edible. Our

Ginataang Labong With Shrimps2021-08-30T17:29:19+08:00

Seafood Tom Yum


For  #FridayFast and #NoMeatFriday, I prepared a seafood recipe that is familiar to the Filipino palate yet different. It's familiar because it's something like our Sinigang, it's a sour soup. Different because the Thai ingredients

Seafood Tom Yum2020-11-07T20:10:32+08:00

Pinoy Shrimp Boil with Peanuts


This one is different. It's not a usual Pinoy Recipe. Though I'm not sure why. We are an archipelago after all, and our seas abound with seafood. Nilagang seafood? The nearest I can think of

Pinoy Shrimp Boil with Peanuts2020-11-07T20:25:22+08:00
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