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My brother, who I trust to keep tabs with GRRM, his website, and Game of Thrones The Winds of Winter chapter releases, sent me a pm yesterday to tell me that apparently, he missed a release of a new chapter. GRRM read a chapter on Aeron at the Balticon (Science Fiction Convention) 2016.

The crowd voted on a choice of three chapters, Aeron’s coming out top, spurring on Martin to say: “This [chapter] is similar in character to Ramsay Bolton. You are some sick motherfuckers.”

In the TV Series, there’s no Aeron so I had to remind myself who this guy is. There’s that guy with white hair but I’m not sure if that’s him. (Its been so long, sorry. I seem to have forgotten the books already. Ill try to read it again on Anakin’s break from Homeschooling this June.)

Aeron is the youngest  brother of Balon Greyjoy and Euron Greyjoy. He is a priest of the Drowned God and campaigning for Victarion to take the salt chair in the Iron Islands. He likes Asha (Balons heir) but although she is his “favorite”, he cannot accept her for the throne because she is a woman.

I skipped my lunch to read the whole chapter, and rushed thru it like a woman who hasnt eaten for a long time. I worried that I might throw up but I rushed thru it anyway.

(I read the Euron Chapter on Angry GOT Fan here). You may also read it here: TWOW The Forsaken.

Aeron was last seen trying to raise the ironmen against Euron who won the Moot because he is a godless monster.

..go to Great Wyk to Harlow to Orkmont to Pyke itself.  In every town and village shall my words be heard… 

Too bad he was kidnapped and now languishing in The Silence (Eurons Ship). And the title “the Forsaken” seems to refer to him.

The whole chapter is cruel and crazy – as expected of Euron who was holding Aeron hostage. Aeron is in some sort of an underground (if theres an underground in a ship). He has no shoes and clothes and water is coming in and out of the ship. Sometimes up to his “genitals”. He has no idea how long he has been on this ship.

Aeron is forced to drink the Shade of the Evening that brings hallucinations and mind bending predictions. (This is the same one Daenerys drank that gave her visions in the house of the undying) My hair was raising as I read the predictions.

In the visions, he sees Euron using the fabled horn and all the monsters came and bowed before him – the Kraken, the Sphinx, and yes, the Dragon. Euron is sitting in the Iron chair.

a great, tall, twisted seat of razor sharp iron, barbs and blades and broken swords, all dripping blood.

Impaled upon the longer spikes were the bodies of the gods. The Maiden was there and the Father and the Mother, the Warrior and Crone and Smith…even the Stranger. They hung side by side with all manner of queer foreign gods: the Great Shepherd and the Black Goat, three-headed Trios and the Pale Child Bakkalon, the Lord of Light and the butterfly god of Naath.

And there, swollen and green, half­-devoured by crabs, the Drowned God festered with the rest, seawater still dripping from his hair.

I wonder how that will sit with Daenas visions. So, are we seeing a bittersweet prediction from GRRM? When all the while we are arguing if its gonna be Jon or Daena as the winner of Game of Thrones and the answer will be neither? As prophesies go,  I’m sure it’ll come about in a manner that we cant expect.

But what blew my mind was that oin the next dream, Euron is now described as as no longer human and more of a squid. That’s going to be be an awesome meme. Maybe as awesome as The Eye on LOTR. A squid on a throne. Lol.

Beside him stood a shadow in woman’s form, long and tall and terrible, her hands alive with pale white fire.

Who is this woman? A corrupted Daena? One of Eurons power seems to be corruption of anything he comes in contact with. Possible contenders may also be Melissandre, or that Priestess in Volantis. All of them seems to have association with fire.

A particular possibly sad line is the one about the Dwarves. I cant imagine that this is just a random line given what we know about GRRM. Is this Penny and Tyrion?

Dwarves capered for their amusement, male and female, naked and misshapen, locked in carnal embrace, biting and tearing at each other as Euron and his mate laughed and laughed and laughed…

Bits and pieces of Eurons madness:

  • Euron’s lips so blue almost black. Hes drinking the Shade of the Evening too.
  • We get a confirmation that Euron molested Aeron and their youngest brother Urrigon.
  • He also admitted to killing three of his brothers – including Victarion?
  • Oh Falia. The moment she appeared, believing herself to be loved by Euron, I immediately knew that something bad is going to happen to her.
  • Euron is collecting priests and Septons for some blood ritual. (among them Pyatt Pree the Quarth , who is now without legs. Wait, I thought he got roasted by the Dragons?)
  • He’s also using them as a sort of protection or magic against incoming assault from the ships sent from the mainland?
  • We are being told repeatedly that Euron doesnt care for riches or power. Okay, so Euron is beyond politics? He doesnt want the throne but wants to use it so he can break the world so he can become a god? Goodluck with that you crazy maniac!

“The bleeding star bespoke the end,” he said to Aeron. “These are the last days, when the world shall be broken and remade. A new god shall be born from the graves and charnel pits.”

So what do you think of the Chapter? Finally he’s (GRRM) giving the Iron Islands the attention it deserves but Im still a bit shocked that Euron will come to play this much role.

PS, I always thought that his name Damphair is a religious or political title like Fuhrer. It turned out that its just really Damp Hair – because his hair is always damp. Who knew?!


I changed my mind. The Forsaken is Euron. He was forsaken by his gods. He has done all these injustices but no one came for him. He’s either being ignored or there really is no Gods and this makes him more angry – because well, because CRAZY!

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