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Category: Dessert

chocolate cupcake recipe using pancake mix

How to make chocolate cupcake recipe using a pancake mix 

Chocolate cupcakes in just over an hour? Learn how to make chocolate cupcake recipe using a pancake mix. Classic chocolate cupcakes are always a winner in birthday parties and small gatherings. But they’re too costly to order from a baking shop and if you have…

crepe recipe with pancake mix - Relax lang Mom Filipino Food Blog and Recipes
Carbs, Rice and Pasta

Crepe Recipe with Pancake Mix 

Can you make crepes with pancake mix? When you think of crepes, you probably think its hard to make, because it’s served in French restaurants and so sosyal. Hahaha. Kidding. Still, they’re so elegant and delicious, so it’s gotta be hard, right? But you know?…

Quick Mango Jelly Pinoy dessert food recipe -Relaxlangmom FIlipino Food Blog

Quick Mango Jelly Pinoy Dessert Food Recipe 

Looking for an easy Pinoy dessert food recipe? The mango gelatin is easily cooked and prepared in 30 minutes and can be served in an hour. If you’re in a rush to prepare something for a surprise visitor, make this quick mango jelly. This mango…


How to cook banana que 

Do you know how to cook banana que? I dont. It’s one of those traditional Filipino food that I just take for granted. I actually thought I knew how to do it and then I realized I don’t. This is an authentic Filipino food, probably common…


Homemade Ice Cream 

Ice cream cost and overpriced pint of ice cream got you down? No need for fancy ice cream maker. These no-churn recipes for classic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream makes cold and creamy delectables that you can easily enhance with assorted flavors and mix-ins: candies, cookies, nuts, you name it.