Baking Your First Coconut Macaroons -A Foolproof Guide

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Growing up in the islands with an abundance of coconuts, coconut macaroons are one of the things you learn early without even a recipe. I’m always weirded out when buying Goldilocks coconut macaroons, lol.  But I know baking anything for the first time can seem intimidating, much less these tiny coconut cookies that look so cute! But I’m here to tell you – coconut macaroons may seem fussy but they are seriously foolproof. All you need is a few basic ingredients and my straightforward instructions. By the end of the day, you’ll be handing out these handmade treats like a pro and no need to buy them from Goldilocks!

One thing I like about baking coconut macaroons- no rolling out dough or perfectly frosting layers here! Just basic mixing and scooping is all it takes. Homemade with love is always best, even if they’re not Pinterest-perfect. And you know me, at Relax lang mom, we don’t stress over appearing perfect.

If you find yourself with a few extra shredded coconuts – we we always have them because we always extract fresh coconut try and make this at home! And if you don’t have them, you can easily buy shredded coconuts in the grocery store. The ingredients couldn’t be simpler – shredded coconut, egg whites, condensed milk, and sugar. That’s seriously it! Well, a little salt too to balance the flavors. No need to seek out specialty ingredients on this island paradise or anywhere else. As long as you can find a bag of coconut, some eggs, sugar, and salt at your local sari-sari store, you’re good to go.

Easy peasy, right? I promise this simple coconut macaroons recipe will be a hit for the kids and you can even use for “kumikitang kabuhayan”!

Take Your Coconut Macaroons To The Next Level

Now usually, a basic macaroon is all you need to satisfy that craving. But sometimes, us moms like to jazz things up a little. Add a little extra pizzazz to our paczki so they really pop. 

The first, and probably simplest, way to kick things up a notch is with extracts. We all know vanilla is a classic choice but why not think outside the box? My personal fave is almond extract – it gives the coconut such a nice subtle flavor. But lemon, orange, even peppermint around the holidays could be a fun surprise. Just a splash is all you need, trust me these little guys can easily become overly perfume-y.

Another easy upgrade is mix-ins. Go ahead and stir a handful of chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, or dried fruit like mangoes or ehemm -raisins right into the batter. The chips will melt just enough inside the warm cookies to create chewy pockets of yumminess. And the fruit adds a nice texture contrast plus natural sweetness. Pro-tip – go for mini chips so they don’t overwhelm the coconut flavor.

Last but not least, get creative with your toppings. Of course, you can never go wrong with a simple dusting of powdered sugar. But for an extra special treat, try rolling the unbaked macaroons in cinnamon-sugar, or crushed candies like wafers, or toasted almonds. The candied edges and crispy crumbs add a whole new dimension of texture.

When it comes to mix-ins and toppings, really let your imagination run wild! I’ve even seen macaroons dipped in melted chocolate or rolled in crushed cookies like Oreos. As long as you don’t overdo it, unusual combinations can really make these tiny cookies your own.

The best part about macaroons is that they’re pretty fool-proof. So don’t be afraid to experiment! What’s the worst that can happen – you end up with a bumper crop of cannonballs? Hey, more for the kiddoes then. They won’t say no to a floppy-looking macaroon with chocolates -Yuummm! 

Ps, Don’t stress if your coconut macaroons are not perfectly round – handmade with love is what matters most. Now go show off your new skills and get the title “Best Homemade Macaroon Maker in Town!” 

Let me know if you have any other questions! And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter below for more weekday-worthy recipes. Wishing you macaronomalous baking success!


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