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Quick Pickled Onions - Relax lang Mom Filipino Food Blog
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Quick Pickled Onions 

Quick Pickled Onions Today, (since it’s a Friday and were going with the default munggo on a Friday), Im not sharing an ulam recipe for the recipe blog but rather a favorite side at home. It’s not exactly a side but maybe a condiment or…

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Chicken Mayonnaise Spread 

This is a quick recipe and a favorite spread at our house. I think the cream cheese makes a lot of difference for this mayo spread recipe. Not required but the added creaminess is awesome.   Chicken Mayonnaise Spread 1 pack 470 ml Mayo spread…


Gourmet in a Bottle: Chili Garlic Oil Recipe 

​Chili garlic is one of the greatest invention of men -next to electricity and only behind Penicillin. It can probably save the bees too if we gave it a chance. Or that may not be true but it’s true that there was a time when…

Salsa Monja Recipe
Other Recipes

Gourmet in a Bottle: Salsa Monja Recipe 

Make this salsa monja recipe -a sauce cum side dish invented by the nuns in the Philippines. Perfect to pair with fish, meat, or just as a dip and relish! I swear I have not heard of Salsa Monja till my Gourmet in A Bottle…