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If there’s one thing that unites Filipinos across the globe, it’s the unmistakable love for Jollibee’s iconic dishes. Among these, the humble yet heavenly Jollibee gravy holds a special place in the hearts and taste buds of many. So today our quest is to replicate this and make a Jollibee Style Gravy Recipe. If you’ve ever wondered about the secret behind that savory goodness and yearned to replicate it in your own kitchen, you’re in for a treat.

Jollibee Style Gravy Magic

Let’s admit it – Jollibee’s gravy is no ordinary condiment. It’s a powerhouse of both nostalgia and flavors that elevate fried chicken and other Jollibee favorites to gastronomic heights. (French fries dip, anyone?) It’s literally a piece of Filipino food culture.

Ingredients: Unraveling the Jolibee Style Gravy Flavor Profile

To decode the mystery of Jollibee gravy, we need to dissect its core components. But first, what exactly is a gravy?

The gravy is often a savory sauce made from flavorful meat drippings and juices left over after cooking proteins like meat, poultry, or fish. A thickening agent is added, such as cornstarch or flour while salt, black pepper, and other herbs and spices like thyme, rosemary, and sage are included for layers of seasoning. From my understanding, the gravy is a fusion of European and American cuisine but we came to know it from the Americans who brought the tradition here. Gravy elevates sides and mains through a drizzle or dollop, especially shining when paired with hearty dishes like mashed potatoes, pot roasts, and the classic fried chicken.

What does it consist of?

Chicken Drippings: Chicken drippings are the essence of Jollibee gravy. If you’ve ever roasted or fried chicken at home, you’ve struck gold. Reserve those flavorful juices for our magic potion.

Flour: The key to achieving the right consistency. Use all-purpose flour to create that velvety texture we all love.

Soy Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce: These two ingredients bring depth and umami to the gravy. The combination is the secret behind that distinct Jollibee flavor.

Chicken Broth: To intensify the chicken essence, adding a good-quality chicken broth is essential. It enhances the savory notes and complements the chicken drippings.

Salt and Pepper: Seasoning is an art. Taste as you go, finding the balance between saltiness and the rich umami taste.

The Art of Jollibee Gravy Creation: Step by Step

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Now, let’s dive into the process of crafting your homemade Jollibee gravy:

Begin by collecting the chicken drippings from your recent chicken escapade. This liquid gold will be the backbone of your gravy. The key here is to think ahead and reserve them whenever you can and just freeze them on your refrigerator for future use.

If you have that ready (or not -you can just use butter anytime!), it’s now time to make some roux. Now a roux is something that I discovered early on when I was just a beginning housewife. It can be use as a thickener for gravies, sauces, and other creamy dishes. Learn this early on and you can make most of those dishes that you usually buy a premade pack for. So, in a saucepan, create a roux by combining all-purpose flour with the chicken drippings or butter. Cook it over medium heat until it achieves a golden brown color. You have to mix the flour/fat until it becomes combined and flaky. This step is crucial for developing a smoky flavor and thickness.

Pour in the chicken broth, allowing the flavors to meld into a savory chicken joy joy. Stir continuously to avoid lumps and ensure a smooth consistency.

Add soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce to the roux, infusing the mixture with that signature Jollibee umami.

Taste your Jolibee gravy and season with salt and pepper as needed. Remember, it’s easier to add more than to fix an overly salty concoction.

Let the gravy simmer on low heat, allowing the flavors to marry and reach their full potential. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.

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