Getting Fit For Summer

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I’m beginning to feel the heat on my face and I’m getting the itch to get sexy this summer. I’ve been trying to lose weight since I know I let myself go with over indulgence last Christmas Season. Getting fit seems to take on a lot more importance when you know the summer is coming. ;)

Want to get fit too? If you’re in, these ideas will help us, especially if you’re trying to get fit for the summer.

So what’s the game plan? I have exactly a month till our scheduled summer vacation, so that’s a month or so. I’m not expecting much but I’d like a flatter tummy and the ability to walk around and do all the fun summer stuff without wheezing and panting. There’s so much to do in the summer! There’s hiking, swimming, biking, and beach runs. So many fun stuff we wont be able to do if were not fit.

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Remember, our goal is not only to be that luscious mama in the beach (though that will be awesome!), but also, be agile enough to run on the beach and catch those kiddoes from getting too far too!

Want to do it with me? Here’s our game plan!

Game Plan:

  1. Exercise.
    1. I already started with a Zumba and Walking. Zumba is cardio and cardio is largely regarded as the type of exercise where you can lose weight most quickly. Im only doing 30 minutes of Zumba and a quick Google search shows that for my weight (145 lbs), I’ll only be losing about 200 calories. My Runtastic app (available in Android and Appstore. I use the free version.) shows 175 calories.
    2. I started walking 2 kilometers a day with an average loss of 100 calories. Why walking? The main reason is -I had an accident several years ago that has injured my knees. I cannot run so I have to choose a low intensity exercise. But there are other reasons, such as catching up with my Audiobooks and Podcasts. I finish 1 podcast a day so not only is my body getting exercise, my mind is too! And now, I’m walking wherever I can! I used to ride to go to the supermarket and now I’m happy to report that I’m walking more.
  2. Right Diet. I am slowly phasing out rice and I’m glad to say that from an average of 2 cups of rice per meal, I’m now down to 1/2 cup per meal. I have replaced the rice with vegetables and I found that this technique is enough to make me feel full for every meal. I don’t limit myself with meat or fish.
    I try to drink enough water. I know that’s so overused at this point, but I only drink water during meals and my body must be feeling dehydrated! I know water is  important but I always end up not drinking it enough. I also discovered that If I exercise without drinking enough water, I get a headache after my session. I’m not calorie counting so I’m not exactly sure how to measure my calorie intake. Any recommendations for an app?
  3. Find a friend to get fit with. My husband is beginning to get addicted to his bike -which was his #fitby40 health goal so I’m still walking for a walk buddy. My daughter Arya (4 years old) is a diligent walker but is always wanting to buy food and getting inside ice cream shops that makes it a bit counterproductive.
  4. Stay committed. This is something that I have a problem with. I’m always starting in fits and spurts. I know a lot of people have this problem too. I have to really, really commit in order to see the results. Some days, it really seems like it’s pointless. I wake up and goes straight to the weighing scale and it shows no change. Sometimes it even shoots up! I realize , I need to have some patience. Things don’t happen overnight, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Yeah? So, if you feel that you are losing ground, try to change things up and try something new. But whatever you do, don’t give up.

And finally, Forgive yourself for mistakes! If you do give up for a day or two, just get back in the groove when you’re ready. Fitness is a long term thing, so you have time. Even if our target is summer, don’t despair if you’re not hitting your goals!

Leave me a message if we’re rocking the same boat!

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