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Depression in Kids
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Can Kids Get Depressed? 

Many people wonder if kids and teens can really get depressed. In the case of teens, adults may attribute symptoms of depression to normal teen emotional swings. But experts and pediatricians point out that children and teens really can get depressed, and may be afflicted…

Handling Diabetes in Childres
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Diabetes in Children – A Guide for Families 

Has your child been diagnosed with diabetes, and you’re worried? Or maybe he or she has had diabetes for a while but you feel like you’re floundering. Sometimes, parents and families need to understand how diabetes affects the family dynamic, and how they can be…

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Supplements That Can Help Moms Manage Mood Swings 

How to avoid mood swings from endangering your relationships at home As happy as we are about our profession as a mother, moms are often stressed, overworked, under budgeted, and most times unhappy. Some moms might have mood swings that can confuse their children and…

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3 Steps to Daily Success: Using Motivational and Inspirational Quotes to Achieve Your Goals 

Changing our day-to-day behaviors may be easier than previously imagined. By meditating on and repeating motivational and inspirational quotes, we are better prepared to change our thought patterns, behaviors and in turn, change our lives. Here’s how it’s done. A three-step method is offered, demonstrating how to use motivational and inspirational quotes to achieve their goals. The author uses his personal experience showing how he lost 20 lbs in 12 weeks by using this method.


Get Healthy: Are Pinay Moms More Susceptible to Anemia? 

Are Pinay Moms More Susceptible to Anemia? Are you always fatigued, feeling weak, and have difficulty concentrating? You might have anemia. We Pinay moms, are always feeling like super moms, able to do anything and everything that we have a tendency to ignore our symptoms. Don’t…