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Diabetes in Children – A Guide for Families

Handling Diabetes in Childres

Has your child been diagnosed with diabetes, and you’re worried? Or maybe he or she has had diabetes for a while but you feel like you’re floundering. Sometimes, parents and families need to understand how diabetes affects the family dynamic, and how they can be supportive. Whether your child is an infant, teen, or in […]

Cravings and other (un) funny Filipino pregnancy superstitions

When it comes to Filipino pregnancy superstitions, the list is endless. If I write all of it, it should cover an entire book. It always annoyed me when elders would caution me to do this and not to do that because Im pregnant. Then if you say no, theyd tell you na “wala namang mawawala”. […]

Alden Richards Sets the Tune for a worry-free Christmas with a New Hand Washing Music Video

Alden Richards Hand Washing Video Safeguard

Before bonding, bago kumain, after play, maghugas ng kamay everytime! This Christmastime, Safeguard sets the tune for a healthy Christmas celebration with the newest hand-washing music video, “Five Hugas ng Krismas.” ‘Tis the season to be jolly and worry-free with Safeguard, the nation’s leading soap that stands for germ-protection. Watch and share the Five Hugas […]

Supplements That Can Help Moms Manage Mood Swings

How to avoid mood swings from endangering your relationships at home As happy as we are about our profession as a mother, moms are often stressed, overworked, under budgeted, and most times unhappy. Some moms might have mood swings that can confuse their children and partner. What we don’t often realize is that it might […]

Feeling Euphoric On A Low-carb Diet? The Effect On Your Brain Is Similar To An Illicit Drug

Some people on very low-carb diets say they feel euphoric, have clear minds and lose their appetite. –   Going low-carb might even mimic the effects of GHB the recreational drug better known as fantasy, liquid ecstasy or grievous bodily harm on the brain. To understand why we need to look at how the body […]

3 Steps to Daily Success: Using Motivational and Inspirational Quotes to Achieve Your Goals

Changing our day-to-day behaviors may be easier than previously imagined. By meditating on and repeating motivational and inspirational quotes, we are better prepared to change our thought patterns, behaviors and in turn, change our lives. Here’s how it’s done. A three-step method is offered, demonstrating how to use motivational and inspirational quotes to achieve their goals. The author uses his personal experience showing how he lost 20 lbs in 12 weeks by using this method.

Get Healthy: Are Pinay Moms More Susceptible to Anemia?

Are Pinay Moms More Susceptible to Anemia? Are you always fatigued, feeling weak, and have difficulty concentrating? You might have anemia. We Pinay moms, are always feeling like super moms, able to do anything and everything that we have a tendency to ignore our symptoms. Don’t just disregard it. People who are anemic feel tired and […]

Weight Loss Without Hunger -Eating Intelligently is the Key

Losing weight doesn’t mean that you have to go hungry and that’s a fact. The problem with so many fad diets is that you end up starving hungry and then what happens? You’ve guessed it, you cheat and head to the fridge for a midnight muffin – just because you eat something in secret doesn’t […]

What the Heck is Kombucha Tea and WIIFY?

You probably heard me mention Kombucha a couple of times (or more, lol). It’s this amazing probiotic drink (along with kefir) that helped me manage my acid reflux before. So today, my friend Jannah of, expert on all things Kombucha, is going to introduce you to this healthy probiotic drink. Read her guest post […]

How to make home made milk kefir probiotic drink -best for lactose intolerant

Milk kefir is a great addition to your probiotic drinks like Yakult. It is also great for digestion and all around gut health.  I actually started with water kefir before I discovered Milk Kefir. When we first had it, the kids had a blast because they thought it was yogurt. Kefir is really similar to […]

7 Protein Shakes That Are Easy To Make And Don’t Taste Like Plants

I used to avoid making any kind of smoothie or protein shakes for the longest time. Honestly, I was scarred because every time I ventured over to the blender, I would add too much spinach, or too little coconut water, and it would taste like absolute sh*t. Lately, though, Ive hopped back on the post-workout […]

5 Replenishing Foods You Should Be Eating Right After A Workout

Hangry: The state of being so hungry that it literally becomes infuriating otherwise known as a hybrid of hungry and angry. I don’t know about you, but for me, the post-workout hanger is real AF. I’m talking stomach-growling, don’t-talk-to-me irritability. Whether you feel like you could easily eat a family of five after your workout, […]

‘I lost 100 pounds on a fad no-carb diet’

A year and three months ago, Traci Kehm decided she was ready to make a change. On a friends advice, she decided to try a low-carb, ketogenic diet and has lost over 100 pounds to date. The ketogenic diet Traci had tried other diets before, including counting calories and going on Weight Watchers. But the […]

11 Easy Home Remedies To Help Soothe Even Your Nastiest, Reddest Sunburn

When I think back to summer vacations spent by the pool, visiting the beach, and walking along the sand dunes, there’s one specific detail that stands out as a constant. The epic sunburns I endured. Now listen, my mom made me apply and reapply sunscreen all day, day, from late March through early June to […]

6 Small But Crucial Post Workout Mistakes

Everyone knows the feeling after a kickass workout is simply unbeatable. You feel strong AF, the endorphins are pumping, and TBH, you’re pretty much unstoppable. But you’ve probably heard the majority of your progress isn’t about what goes on inside the weight room; it’s also about the decisions you make post-workout. Personal trainer Greer Rothermel says […]