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It was a pretty exciting day yesterday. I ordered an Imarflex Turbo Cooker from Lazada and it finally got delivered. I have long been mulling on buying an Instant Pot (several years in fact, lol). Years ago, you had to order an Instant Pot in Amazon or you get a relative from abroad buy you one. As I was browsing to compare items a couple of months back, I found out that they have a branch here now. So all of you Instant Pot fans can order the IP here in the Philippines now.

Imarflex Turbo Cooker Review

So what exactly is the Imarflex Turbo Cooker? I can actually say that it’s the Instant Pot version of the Philippines. It’s a multi-cooker with an automatic pressure cooker. It has several functions like roasting, baking, stew, steam, slow cooking, etc. It’s a versatile appliance that can replace your steamer, pressure cooker, or roaster. If you’re a home baker, you may even use the Turbo Pot to bake occasionally.

Since it is a pressure cooker, also saves time. You can have a piping hot, fall off the bones Bulalo in about 30 minutes as opposed to cooking it hours and hours on a stovetop. If you’re a tamad nanay 🙋‍♀️ like me, you can also use it for one-pot meals to avoid washing all those pots and pans.

Some cookers like the Instant Pot has saute function. I also specially like its yogurt function. But I believe that with proper understanding of the appliance, I can also do this with the Imarflex. After comparing several multi cookers, I chose the Imarflex Turbo Cooker for its function, price (I got it for P3850), and form. It’s a 6L capacity -just perfect for a big family like ours.

Imarflex Turbo Cooker versus Imarflex Turbo Broiler. What’s the diff?

So, if you were like me, you’re probably confused about these Turbo stuff. (Or not, maybe it’s just me, but for those who were confused, let me explain the difference.) The Imarflex company has a Turbo Series and as it so happened, their Turbo Broiler became almost synonymous to the Broiling. In the Philippines, if someone said Tinurbo, (used Turbo) that means that it was broiled. Don’t believe me? Try searching Turbo in Youtube. It’s even overtaken the Turbo (car) in keywords. It’s almost like how Instant Pot became synonymous to digital pressure cooking or even Multi Cooker. So now you also have “Imarflex Turbo Cooker is the Instant Pot of the Philippines” adding to the conundrum. Isn’t that such a cool association?

So, here I am at 4pm, with a brand new Imarflex Turbo Cooker on my hand. What am I to do? Bulalo would have been nice to christen it but since I have nothing on my refrigerator -nothing that can be defrosted quickly anyway, I checked the accompanying recipe booklet and I saw the Ginisang Munggo recipe. It’s a bit of a weird choice but since I had all the ingredients for Friday, might as well, I thought to myself. (I mean who uses a recipe book to cook Ginisang Munggo, lol.) But here’s the recipe! It’s a great recipe to test the cooker -in case it’s a bust, lol. I followed it mostly to a T. (I only used 1/4 munggo, and 1 1/2 pork cubes). (I’d welcome your criticism in the comment section for using that much or even using it at all. In defense to myself, the recipe called for 2 pork cubes.) 🤔

Imarflex Turbo Cooker Review

It was a great meal. I am back to not eating rice for my Lazy Keto (low carb) diet and this was perfect. I am so surprised that the munggo was soft in only 20 minutes. The pork was also very soft. But as I mentioned above, would have benefited from an extra saute for more flavors.

Other notes.

I left the Turbo Cooker in the power outlet and it turns out that this means that your cooker is kept in a Keep Warm mode.