Halloween Bento Lunchbox Ideas

Get these super cute, healthy, and fun Halloween bento lunchbox ideas!

While Philippines might not be super big with Halloween, (our Day of the Dead is more of a somber affair), my newsfeed is crawling with Halloween posts so I might as well join the fun! Awooo!

Creating bento lunchbox for your kids is a great way to destress (seriously) by releasing your creative ideas in the quiet hours of the morning. It’s also fun for your kids to eat and makes them feel so special. (They can show off to their friends!)

But sometimes, you do run out of ideas, so here are a couple quick ones that are easy to make and does not need the super artist to make.

You just need the basics, eyes food picks, kitchen scissors, sharp paring knife, noris, which, I know are already in your arsenal. If you’re just starting, Daiso Japan Store is a great place to start!

This cute skeleton bento!

Get a gingerbread cookie and design with a skeleton drawing. Your kids lunchbox is guaranteed to rattle all day long!

The mummy sandwich cemetery plus bonus banana ghosts.

Treat your kids to a spooky mummy sandwich wrapped in tissue paper and googly eyes. Add a few cookies with cemetery designs. Get some banana ghosts s to spice up the party!

Pro tip: Soak the banana in calamansi juice before packing them to avoid discoloration.

Cheesy Jack o Lantern

What says Halloween more than Jack o Lanterns? This bento is a quick work with a sharp knife for that smiley face. Add a couple pretzels, worms, and some fruit bones and your kids lunchbox is all set!

Scary green pita wrap

Say it with cheese! This green pita wrap is such an easy way to prepare a Halloween bento lunchbox for your kids without breaking a sweat.

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