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Category: Food


Kiddie Lunch Idea: Spam Musubi with Coke 

Making Spam Musubi – or really, Maling would do just as fine, is really easy and simple. Only 5 ingredients and you’d be all set for a great kiddie lunch or baon for work! It must be the season -Im so into Hawaiian food these…

simple poke poke recipe
Fish and Seafood

Simple Poke Poke Recipe 

Recently, I’ve been having these strange cravings. I happened to pass by this Poke store near us and was curious -because we dont have Poke Poke here. It looked so summery and cool, the color of mango popping up. Just looking at the photos made…

tikoy sa latik -tikoy recipe

Tikoy sa Latik Recipe -Tikoy with a Twist! 

The Chinese New Year is coming up again and if you’re like me, you’ll have dozens of Tikoy in the refrigerator before the end of February. We usually have them traditionally on the Chinese New Year but we have so much leftover and we have…

Coffee Jelly Recipe

Coffee Jelly Recipe (Kremdensada Coffee Jelly Version) 

One of my favorite easy dessert recipes to make is Coffee Jelly. Jelly desserts are really easy to make and it really just mixing together and construction. What is a Coffee Jelly? Coffee jelly is a unique Filipino dessert (I think) that is made of jelly…


Stress Free Make Ahead Christmas Recipes 

Make Ahead Christmas Recipes This Christmas, make it a stress free season together with the LG InstaViewTM Door-in-Door Refrigerator. Entertaining comes easy with the right technological products. No more panicking for Christmas dinner because these classic recipes are Freezable and you can just reheat them on…

Hiraya Artisan Chocolates (4)

HIRAYA Filipino Bean-To-Bar Artisan Chocolates 

Get the full  experience of eating Artisan Chocolates with Hiraya Filipino Bean To Bar Chocolates from Davao! Chocolate is always a passion at our home – or cocoa rather. Our small farm produces a bit of Cocoa, enough to make and play with for tableas,…

Adobo Pate - for your Christmas Menu -Bottled Gourmet Fift

Edible Gifts Made with Love 

What do you give someone who seems to have enough? What do you give someone who you don’t really know? What do you give someone you love to bits? The answer to this is food! if you’re looking for gifts for special occasions such as…