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Taste Marinduque: Try Ulang Ulang Ubod Soup with Crayfish for an Explosion of Flavors!

Tantalize your tastebuds with a unique freshwater shrimp soup: Ulang Ulang (Ubod Soup) with Crayfish! This flavorful soup combines the sweetness of ubod (coconut heart) and the sourness of calamansi with a hint of crayfish, all creating a perfectly balanced dish that your taste buds will definitely enjoy. Try it today and explore the delicious flavors of Marinduque!

5 Surprising Ways To Use Sinigang Mix

Surprise your taste buds and discover new ways to use your Sinigang Mix! Try out these delicious yet creative recipes, perfect for adding tangy and savory flavor to your meals. From rice to marinades, stir-fries to gravies, explore tasty ways to use the versatile Sinigang Mix.

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