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11 Halloween Monster Food Ideas for Your Neighborhood Party

Easy Halloween Food Ideas -Cupcakes, Healthy Fruits, and Breads

So Halloweens are not really our thing. Reminiscent of our Spanish heritage, we have the more creepy Day of the Dead for remembering our departed love ones.

But we do have a Hollywoodish fascination with Halloween and recently, neighborhood trick or treat parties are becoming a thing to be expected.

In our neighborhood here in Manila, the Haloween party tradiding has been going on strong for almost 10 years now. Yearly, I get to meet a couple of moms and dads, neighborhood leaders, and the few responsible kids. And (putting the cultural effects aside) I thank God for opportunities like these that bring the neighborhood together once in a while. We make programs, design the neighborhood, assign foods and goodies to be distributed. It’s pretty cool, specially for me who has no desire to drag my kids around shopping malls for a “commercialized” trick or treat.

So, if your neighborhood is like mine, or if you have Halloween house parties, here are a couple monster Halloween food ideas to serve the horde.

Halloween Cupcake Ideas

These are actually very easy even if you don’t know how to bake, Just buy ready made cupcakes, icing, and sprinkles and design them with the kids!

Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas

It doesn’t always have to be candies. Check these scary fruits and breads for a different and healthier Halloween take.

Halloween Cookies and Things

Cookies are very quick to make (noteworthy specially if you’re expecting a hundred kids) and very easy to design. Get googly eyes and a bit of chocolate you’re all set. Or raisins if you dont want to put something that little kids might accidentally eat.

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