Hidden Gem Alert! Năm Năm Tiêm Pho 20 in New Manila

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Hey mamas! Juggling errands and feeling like you need a break? Same here! But listen up, I found this amazing Vietnamese restaurant called Năm Năm Tiêm Pho 20 that totally turned our chaotic day around. Tucked away in New Manila (at 53 14th St, Quezon City), it’s a hidden gem that deserves to be on every foodie mama’s radar!

Escape the Hustle and Bustle

The second you walk through the door at Năm Năm Tiêm Pho 20, the city noise melts away. It’s a small nook with a very homey, welcoming azotea when you go inside. Entering the premise, you’d be greeted by a bare unpainted wall with an assortment of Vietnamese related art. It’s not fancy, but that’s exactly what makes it so charming. Think spartan seating, clean tables, and a relaxed atmosphere – a perfect escape for a mommy-and-me lunch break or a casual dinner with girlfriends where you can actually hear yourselves chat.

Authentic Vietnamese Delights

The menu might not be huge, but that just means they focus on perfecting a few key dishes. No overwhelm here, mamas! We went for the classic Vietnamese noodle soup, pho, and it was an absolute revelation. The rich, aromatic broth was a revelation -even with all the heat before we walked in, the noodles were cooked to a perfect al dente, and the fresh herbs and spices added an explosion of flavor. It’s clear they use high-quality ingredients, making this pho something truly special. Also had some Cha Gio -a sort of Lumpia but with Vietnamese flair and an amazing sauce! These rolls are wrapped in rice paper and deep-fried, resulting in a crispy outer layer.

My ever loyal foodie partner also indulged in the Bun Bo Hue, which features a spicy broth enriched with beef and pork, perfectly complementing the thick, round rice noodles. I was a bit envious so I stole a few bites. (and slurp) The soup was beautifully garnished with fresh herbs and vegetables, adding a refreshing crunch and vibrant flavors to each spoonful. The lemongrass and chili oil gave it a distinctive kick -yummy!

Hidden Gem Alert! Năm Năm Tiêm Pho 20 in New Manila 1

Năm Năm Tiêm Pho 20

Service with a Smile (and Kid-Friendly Too!)

The staff at Năm Năm Tiêm Pho 20 are what really make the experience. They’re friendly and attentive, always ready to answer questions and offer recommendations. Plus, we happened to dine with a family and they were fantastic with the kids, which is a major win for any mama! No judgmental stares or hurried service – just genuine smiles and a willingness to help create a relaxing dining experience for the whole family.

A Foodie Mama’s Paradise

Look, mamas, we all deserve a little treat now and then. Năm Năm Tiêm Pho 20 is a delicious escape from the everyday. The cozy ambiance, the authentic Vietnamese flavors, and the friendly service all come together to create a little slice of foodie heaven.

So next time you’re in New Manila and craving something beyond the usual fast-food fare, ditch the drive-thru and head to Năm Năm Tiêm Pho 20. Here’s why you won’t regret it:

  • Cozy and Relaxed Ambiance: Unwind and recharge in a comfortable, stress-free environment.
  • Authentic Vietnamese Dishes: Fresh ingredients and traditional recipes deliver an explosion of Vietnamese flavors.
  • Family-Friendly Service: The staff is attentive, helpful, and makes you feel welcome with little ones in tow.
  • Perfect for Casual Dining: Whether it’s a lunch date with a friend or a relaxed family dinner, Năm Năm Tiêm Pho 20 hits the spot.

So ditch the stress and treat yourself, mama! You deserve it. P.S. I hear their Goi Cuon (fresh spring rolls) are amazing too, so I’ll definitely be trying those next time and reporting back on the blog!

PSS! I forgot, do try their Lemongrass spiked with Vodka!

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