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HOME 168 Celebrates Soft Launch with Discount Rate

One of my dream business is to launch a cheap and affordable rent to own house using recycled container vans. It’s big enough for small and starter families and extendable for whenever owners have additional budget. I really like the concept of simple living using these container vans as a place to live.

That business is not yet happening for me, but I’m excited to discover other people doing it to help solve the housing trouble for most of people living in Metro Manila.

Home 168 Manila, a subsidiary of NearHome Inc., is now soft launching its accommodations and services to customers. Being the pioneer of dormitories, made with recycled container vans in Manila. Home 168 delivers affordable and structurally sound housing and amenities to their tenants.

According to Jong Kyung Lee, Director of Nearhome Inc., There are different social classes for people. Class A, B, C, D and E. The class A and B usually buy condos for themselves. We want to target the class C and below because our accommodation has a higher quality, living standard than what they normally go through every day.

Located in the center of Manila, close to transportation hubs and landmarks. Home 168 has chosen a strategic position for its tenants to be close to the places that matter to them the most. May it be their school, work, business, etc. Also, being close to commercial areas, gives them plenty of options for their basic needs such as laundry shops, convenience stores, computer shops, supermarkets and many more.

Home 168 Manila welcomes you with its Colorful, Convenient, Comfortable, Clean and Cozy dormitory spaces for as low as PHP 2,800/month. Upgrade your life by moving into the fun and safe Home 168 Manila community now. Home 168 Manila offers:
– More than 500 bed spaces for tenants
– Free mineral water
– Free electricity and water
– Free 100 Mbps WiFi
– Spacious outdoor amphitheater style work, study and charging station
– 24/7 Security with stationed Security Guards and 8-channel CCTV on all key areas of the dormitory compound
– Private lockers
– 2-Storey Bath Room Facility with 56 shower rooms, 48 toilet with bidet, 8 washing area and 8 Urinals
– Free Breakfast from Mondays to Fridays
– Free Cinema on Weekends

It can be really a heavy traffic in Manila during rush hour, especially in the Christmas season. “Manila dwellers spend the third longest average time in Asia; being stuck in traffic every day at 66 minutes,” as stated in an article at The Philippine Star.

Home 168 Manila also makes it easier for students to study; and employees to work in Manila. Reducing the need for them to go through the daily grind of commuting. Tenants may choose to unwind and relax at its unique outdoor yet roofed amphitheater.

Customers who have reserved prior to the opening dates, may now move in to their desired units. Not only that, but the first 50 people who book for 9 people, will be able to book an additional person free of charge.

About Home 168 Manila: is a 1332 sq. m project of NearHome Inc. in Malate, Manila. Established in December 18, 2017. Home 168 Manila wants to bring affordable accommodation and reliable services to the basic needs of employees and students.

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12 Gifts of Christmas For Mom and Pops! Hardware Edition.

What’s on your Christmas Wishlist? Are you looking for a gift for mom and pop? Or perhaps, your husband has been looking longingly at stuff inside Ace Hardware recently?

Or if its for mom, it must be something for the kitchen or renovations. I’ve been dreaming of house improvements myself and for the first quarter of 2018, I’m planning a kitchen remodel.

Here are a few ideas from Co Ban Kiat Hardware Store, a house improvement and home renovation partner at Relax Lang Mom!

Co Ban Kiat Hardware

This holiday season, give a gift that does great things inside homes. Westinghouse Contempra Trio Ceiling fan delivers powerful air movement and quiet performance without sacrificing style.
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Who is Co Ban Kiat?

Co Ban Kiat Hradware Inc. (CBKHI), is a hardware company also known as the “House of Improvements”. For decades, it has been the forefront of homebuilding supplies. They’re a one stop shop hardware supplies, from selling nails and iron wires as their main products, CBKHI has evolved and is now considered as one of the country’s leading suppliers of the top-of-the-line hardware materials.

Co Ban Kiat is one of the few pioneering hardware companies in Binondo Manila which has withstood the test of time. From 1920 till now, (only stopping during the World War II), in the heart of Manila Chinatown, Co Ban Kiat remains on the very spot where it started.

One of the firsts who developed the retail concept for hardware stores in the country by putting up the Hardware Workshop Store, this also paved way to the birth of Coby’s Design Center in Edsa Shangri La in 1996. This specialty store offers a wide array of products that showcase versatility and innovativeness to suit the discriminating tastes of the modern Filipino.

In 1997, Mr. Johnny Cobankiat, owner and patriarch, took the advantage in bringing a franchise of Ace Hardware USA in the country with Cobankiat Hardware as one of its suppliers. Now, CBKHI expanded its distribution channel and is now one of the leading suppliers in all major retail or home improvement stores in the country.

To order online and to know more about our products and services, please visit our website or follow our Facebook account

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DIY Christmas Decorations: Handmade Aluminum Mugs Decor

This DIY Christmas decoration is a quick and easy project that needs no special skills or a special level of craftiness to do. If you’re looking for ways to design your home with a bit of Christmas spirit without overloading your budget, you can get an old aluminum mug or even glass ones and convert it to this super cute DIY project.

Where to Buy Stuff:

National Bookstore or at Divisoria

What you need:



Aluminum Mug


What you might already have:

Glue Gun



Tada! Now you have a cool DIY Christmas decoration that you can use to design or even giveaway to friends. And because it’s such a timeless piece, with a bit of imagination, you can use if for a wedding, birthday, or baptismal giveaways! You can add candles, teddy bears, scented sea salt, or even cookies inside.

Any cool ideas you can add to what we can do with this?


Simple small yellow room with red sofa and tv.

How to make your room look bigger even if its very small

 Visually Expanding A Small Room

Living in the cities, we tend to make do with small spaces and small rooms. A small living space in your house can be cozy and inviting, but it can be cramped and confining if you don’t put much thought to it. And it’s really hard to live in a house that is suffocating and makes you want to go out all the time.

You have a couple of options if you have a small room. If you have room to expand, you can knock out a wall, and combine two small spaces into one. But this takes a lot of time, money, and effort. A much quicker option is to visually expand the room, using colors and other methods to make the room look bigger.

I promise you, if you invest a bit of time on making your rooms (and house) look bigger, you can breath easier and you won’t feel as cramped everyday.

What can you do to make your space look bigger?


  1. Get rid of clutter.
  2. Use light colors on your walls.
  3. Use light curtains.
  4. Have big windows or if not, get big mirrors.
  5. Do not use big furniture.
  6. Use lots of lighting.

The first thing that makes a room look small is clutter. So one of the first things you should do is to declutter the room. Go through the shelves, and clear off any unnecessary items. Its okay to leave some items for decoration, but most of the clutter should be cleared away. This alone will help to make your room appear larger.

Light colors will help to visually enlarge the room. Use light colors when choosing your paint and décor.  You don’t need to paint everything white, though. Light yellow will brighten things up, and add some warmth to the room as well. If you are okay with the size of the room, but have a low ceiling, then you should paint the ceiling white will give the illusion of height.

A simple small yellow room with red sofa and tv.

A heavy and opaque curtain can make your house feel stuffy and hot. Something lightweight will allow more light through, and help to make the room appear larger. If you have the money for remodeling, you may also want to install larger windows to allow more light. Larger windows will also allow better views outside of the house, again, making the space appear larger. If it isn’t possible to install larger windows, then try installing a couple of mirrors in the room to provide the illusion of space.

When furnishing the room, use smaller items when possible. A large bookshelf will tend to overwhelm the space, making it look smaller. Do not try to fit as much furniture in the room as you can. A few essential pieces, strategically placed will keep the furniture from overwhelming the room. A couple of chairs, covered in light colors will make the room look larger, while heavy furniture, like a large couch will tend to make the room look smaller.

You want as much light in the room as possible to make it appear larger. If you can install lights, some recessed lighting in the ceiling or some strategically placed wall sconces will add sufficient light to the room on cloudy days, or at night. If you can’t install lights, then some floor lamps in the corners of the room will brighten things up. Remember, the brighter the room, the larger it will appear.

A small, cramped space doesn’t have to remain claustrophobic. Certainly, you can expand the room, if you have the space, time, and money. If physically expanding the room simply is not possible, then you can use visual tricks to make the room look larger than it is. Or, you can simply call it cozy, and learn to live with it.

True Value

Project: Kitchen Appgrade?

True Value Kitchen Appgrade with Philips and Chef Jose Sarasola

Relaxlangmom, yours truly, is built on the belief that technology should make it easier at home. We know our grandmama’s and grand lolas would not be turning over their grave if we make it easier for ourselves instead of cooking and cleaning all day when it can take a few minutes or an hour right? Quit guilt tripping and let these machines do the work!
I happened to be at the Shangri-la Plaza last Saturday and I found the True Value Kitchen Appgrade event and my mommy blogger friend Joy from There were so many kitchen gadgets that blew my mind away. There’s lots of big names, Scanpan, Delonghi, Misso, Happycall, Philips, Imarflex, Tefal, etc. All of them offering kitchen gadgets that can make moms life easier in the kitchen. If only I can fit everything in my small kitchen. So gotta choose wisely!

Chef Jose Sarasola did a live cooking demonstration. He featured Philips Electric Pressure Cooker by cooking Bulalo; Philips Low Fat Fryer by cooking Pork Tonkatsu; Philips Power Juicer making Summer Fun Juice, and Philips Blender Demo Food by making Banana Strawberry Smoothie. Here’s a video so you can see them for yourself and decide what you want!

filling a bucket with water

24 Things Youve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

So, I really promised not to do this, but here I am giving in. You know, I’m the last one to tell you how not to do things. Some of them are actually useful, but really, some are downright silly. But here you go. Just in case you wanna know.

It will probably shock you (OR NOT) but there are few things you’ve been doing wrong. Here are few of them, (according to how other people really do it) followed by an explanation how to do it right.

Microwaving Leftovers

Via: Twentytwowords

Dig a hole in your leftovers when heating them up in the microwave so the heat will spread evenly.

Listening to Music on Your Phone

Via: Twentytwowords
Want to enhance the sound? Put your phone in a cup when playing music. Empty cup.

Removing Trash Bags

Via: Twentytwowords
Drill holes in a trash can to prevent suction issues when pulling out and inserting a trash bag.

Going To Sleep

Via: Cracked

Crossing Out Words

Via: Twentytwowords

Cross them out with letters, so they won’t be legible.

Eating Chinese


You’re supposed to turn your Chinese takeout container into a plate – but only if you’re sure you won’t have leftovers.

Organizing Spray Bottles

Via: Twentytwowords

Using a clothing rod to hang your spray bottles will help you to save space (and eliminate that fun domino effect of grabbing a bottle and knocking over the whole row.)

Keeping Manuals

Via: Twentytwowords

Whenever you buy a product, go to the manufacturer’s site and upload the digital version of the manual onto Google Drive or Dropbox, and you’ll never have to keep paper copies again.

Untying a Knot

Via: Twentytwowords

Twist the loose end as much as you can and to push it through the knot.

Using aluminum foil and plastic wrap

Via:  Cosmopolitan

Press those thingies on the side to keep the roll from flying out.

Charging The Battery

Via:  Cracked

Placing The Toilet Seat Cover

Via: Lifebuzz

You’re supposed to place the flag of toilet seat covers in the front, not in the back.

Filling a Container With Water

Via:  Twentytwowords

Position a dustpan in a way that will funnel the water into the container below.

Keeping Cords Untangled

Via: Twentytwowords
This actually solves two problems — keeping cords untangled and making use of those annoying bread tags. Just wind them up, attach it, and you’re good-to-go.

Eating a Cupcake

Via:  Twentytwowords

Cut the bottom off and turn it into a sandwich so you get frosting in every bite.

Packing Clothes

Via: Twentytwowords

To take up less space, roll up your clothes when packing

Drinking Soda

Via: Lifebuzz
Put your straw through your soda can tab to keep it from floating up and away.

Making Sandwiches

Via: Twentytwowords

Cut round sandwich fillings in half to ensure you’re covering every inch.

Opening a Key Ring

Via: Twentytwowords

Use a Staple remover


Via:  Cracked

Using Sauce Cups

Via:  Twentytwowords

Unroll the rims so you can dip your burger in ketchup or add even more ketchup to the cup.

Eating Popcorn From a Bag

Via:  Twentytwowords

Reach into the popcorn bag by strategically ripping the bag for easy access

Bobby Pinning

Via:  Cracked

Making Pasta

Via: Cracked

Read more: 24 things you’ve been doing wrong your whole life. 

So, that’s it. But don’t worry if you want to continue doing it wrong. Some them are just really…I mean, why would you cut a cupcake when you can just eat them whole? :/

Which of them are you going to do differently from now on?