DIY Christmas Decorations: Handmade Aluminum Mugs Decor

This DIY Christmas decoration is a quick and easy project that needs no special skills or a special level of craftiness to do. If you’re looking for ways to design your home with a bit of Christmas spirit without overloading your budget, you can get an old aluminum mug or even glass ones and convert it to this super cute DIY project.

Where to Buy Stuff:

National Bookstore or at Divisoria

What you need:



Aluminum Mug


What you might already have:

Glue Gun



Tada! Now you have a cool DIY Christmas decoration that you can use to design or even giveaway to friends. And because it’s such a timeless piece, with a bit of imagination, you can use if for a wedding, birthday, or baptismal giveaways! You can add candles, teddy bears, scented sea salt, or even cookies inside.

Any cool ideas you can add to what we can do with this?


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