Project: Kitchen Appgrade?

True Value Kitchen Appgrade with Philips and Chef Jose Sarasola

Relaxlangmom, yours truly, is built on the belief that technology should make it easier at home. We know our grandmama’s and grand lolas would not be turning over their grave if we make it easier for ourselves instead of cooking and cleaning all day when it can take a few minutes or an hour right? Quit guilt-tripping and let these machines do the work!
I happened to be at the Shangri-la Plaza last Saturday and I found the True Value Kitchen Appgrade event and my mommy blogger friend Joy from There were so many kitchen gadgets that blew my mind away. There are lots of big names, Scanpan, Delonghi, Misso, Happycall, Philips, Imarflex, Tefal, etc. All of them offering kitchen gadgets that can make moms life easier in the kitchen. If only I can fit everything in my small kitchen. So gotta choose wisely!

Chef Jose Sarasola did a live cooking demonstration. He featured Philips Electric Pressure Cooker by cooking Bulalo; Philips Low Fat Fryer by cooking Pork Tonkatsu; Philips Power Juicer making Summer Fun Juice, and Philips Blender Demo Food by making Banana Strawberry Smoothie. Here’s a video so you can see them for yourself and decide what you want!

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Relax Lang Mom is a Pinoy Mom Blog for food, lifestyle, and simple living. I believe that you don’t have to be perfect to be a good mom. Let us give ourselves permission. Permission to not be perfect. Permission to relax. And as my son always say, out of the babes mouth, (which incidentally is where this blog’s name came from) “Relax Lang, Mom!

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