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Hiyas Filipino Story Books Help Kids to Be Helpful and Healthy

Ang Kambal na Hebigat

Nowadays, there are a lot of options when buying Filipino Story books for children. I even see sidewalk vendors selling books on the street! When I was young, the only books you can find in bookstores are those hardbound American children’s books and fairy tales. I feel a tingling sense of joy whenever I see […]

Homeschool Project: Thanksgiving Turkey Art

Thanksgiving Turkey Art

How to make Thanksgiving Turkey Art If you’re doing an American unit for your Homeschool World History, a good way to introduce the American Thanksgiving is to make an art project of a turkey. Check the step by step photos below! You will need: Different art papers with different colors Pencil Scissors White cardboard Googly […]

PEPT Test Schedule and PEPT Reviewer for High School

The PEPT test or the Philippine Educational Placement Test is an exam administered by the DepEd to put out  of school youth back to the education system. If you have stopped your education (either High School or Grade School), you can get back to school to your supposed level according to your age and not […]

3 Activities for Gifted Children + Matilda Ticket Promo with Promil Four

Kids at play (with Ms Dimples Romana)- promil four + matilda ticket promo - Relax lang Mom Blog

At the PROMIL Four Gifted Awareness Month celebration at the Sofitel Manila in Pasay, the Wyeth company also held a learning workshop for mommy bloggers and celebrity parents to teach them how to “nurture the gift”. The workshop taught us how to do activities that can help our children express their gifts not only for […]

Homeschool Trip: What makes a hero?

The Juan Luna Gallery at the National Museum In honor of Juan Luna’s 160th birth anniversary, the National Museum, held a tour for his work now displayed at the National Museum of Fine Arts. When I saw the invite, I immediately listed the whole family for the event. It is a chance to show my […]

Homeschool Trip: Snow Maiden Acrobatic Show

Last October 17, the entire homeschool gang was dispatched to a mission, to learn Russian culture and watch Snegurochka’s fairytale popularly known as the Snow Maiden produced by D’ Ultimate Talent and Entertainment Corporation at the Skydome in SM North Quezon City. We had an early day, waking up at 5 so we can be at […]

Homeschool Art Project: How to make a paper boat

My 5 year old and me are still on our sea unit and today were learning how to make a boat. I have already forgotten how to do it! Thankfully, with a little help from Mr Google I figured it out gain. It’s like riding a bike. You get to relearn it the moment you […]

5 Great Toys to Get Your Kids Brain Tickin

Andrew B. Myers When your kid wants to watch My Little Pony for the zillionth time, take a breath and substitute one of these brain-boosters instead. 1. Maker Lab | $20 Becoming an engineer means looking at the world with resourceful eyes—particularly when spying a shelf full of office supplies. With help from the Smithsonian […]

5 Reasons I Homeschool My Kids (By A Surprisingly Sane Mom)

Picture yourself as a gorilla who weighs 800 pounds. (Yes, usually gorillas weigh half of that, but this metaphor is funnier with a fatter gorilla.) Now picture you and your 800-pound body trying to squeeze yourself into a human-toddler-sized bikini. There’s nothing wrong with the bikini — there are ruffles on the butt, and there […]