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Category: Homeschool


Homeschool Art Project: CD Fish Art 

Finish up your sea unit with some fun! Remember those old CDs? Here’s a cool kiddie craft that you can do with your kid today. It can provide hours and hours of fun and you can create tons of creative designs you can hang on…


Homemade Play Dough Recipe 

How to make homemade play dough. As a mom, there’s nothing I hate more, (only second to stepping into little bits of Lego) than cleaning up dry play dough in between floor cracks. Ugh. But kids win, and since I learned a long time ago…


5 Great Toys to Get Your Kids Brain Tickin 

Andrew B. Myers When your kid wants to watch My Little Pony for the zillionth time, take a breath and substitute one of these brain-boosters instead. 1. Maker Lab | $20 Becoming an engineer means looking at the world with resourceful eyes—particularly when spying a…

5 Reasons I Homeschool My Kids (By A Surprisingly Sane Mom) 

Picture yourself as a gorilla who weighs 800 pounds. (Yes, usually gorillas weigh half of that, but this metaphor is funnier with a fatter gorilla.) Now picture you and your 800-pound body trying to squeeze yourself into a human-toddler-sized bikini. There’s nothing wrong with the…