Its that time of the year again. We have decided to continue with Homeschooling and this year, we’re re-enrolling at Homeschool at the Fort (which is transferring to Homeschool at Valle Verde, yay!) for his Grade 7 extra curriculars. Valle Verde is so much nearer and we wont have to take a cab to get to it.

We’re following the DepED curriculum and using a combination of the DepED Learning Portal and Quipper School. For Math, we’re still using Khan Academy and Singapore Math. Im thinking of  enrolling him to an extra class (like Kumon maybe?) because the Math is getting to be too much for me to handle.

I still havent decided if were enrolling at TMA or Peniel because of the cost and the family is a bit short on the budget right now.


Wondering if you can do Homeschooling yourself? Yes you can! If youre thinking of doing it, best think of your objectives first. Here’s a nice homeschool planning guideline that you can read and download to help you outline your homeschool!