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The Internet Vs Joey De Leon, Depression Myths and Assholism

No. We don’t have TV and I was not able to watch the Lunchtime Show episode where “comedian” Joey de Leon disparaged people suffering from depression. Nor do I intend to watch it in the spirit of “journalism”. I will not comment on that incident and I will not be commenting on whether or not Joey […]

A Moms Guide to Relaxation and Being Present at Home (No Budget Required)

I’m a freelancer and work at home mom. I work a lot at home and we don’t have help. I also home school my kids. Sometimes, it’s a lot to process and I always end up tensed and stressed with all the unfinished work. When I chose this lifestyle, I knew it would be harder […]

This Is What Everyone Thinks About You, But Nobody Says, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

God & Man Aries (March 21st April 19th) On the bright side: People are consistently impressed with how “together” your life looks. More people than you know comment on how smart you are and how lovely you are to be around. You’re the perfect mix of a leader and a learner, someone who is strong-willed […]

My Mommy Blogger Gratitude List + A Giveaway

Your dinner is on me! Get a chance to win a Lins Kitchen Gift Certificate worth P2500! It’s been a whirlwind 3 months since I “officially” became a Mommy Blogger and I can’t believe I’m now here, at this point, despite start -stopping for several years.  Yes, I’ve been trying to blog, on and off […]