October’s Relax Mommy Money Challenge

Are you willing to take on the challenge? Take a picture of your garage sale, share it and tag @relaxlangmom before November 1 and I'll make sure to send you my 2018 RelaxLangMom Planner as a Christmas Gift!

Have you hit your target for your Christmas Budget yet? Last month I outlined how you can get ready for financing your Christmas Holidays. I covered budgetting and saving up. But what if that’s not enough? How are you going to earn extra?

This months Money Challenge is the answer! This month, clean out your closet and do a garage sale! Having a garage sale can bring in needed extra cash without having to shell out something for an investment.  Plus you get to get rid of things you dont use, dont need, and simply don’t like anymore.

Less stuff, more  space, and more room to breathe. Plus a minimalist home is easier to clean!

Tips for Doing a Garage Sale:

Gathering Your Goods:

  1. Go thru your closets first. Get rid of clothes you never wear, planning to wear when your slimmer, clothes that your kids have outgrown, clothes that your husband doesn’t like anymore. This are not confined to clothes, you can also sell old comforters, beddings, curtains, towels, etc.
  2. Don’t forget shoes. There’s usually a lot of shoes that I bet you dont wear.
  3. Go thru your rooms and pick up toys your kids doesn’t play with anymore.
  4. Get rid of gadgets, old mobile phones, old casette players, even your TV which you dont use regularly. If you can do without it most of the time, you probably dont need it.
  5. Your drawers probably have old perfumes, unopened makeup kits and lipstick, thats been waiting for some love. Check their expiration. If they’re still not expired, sell it!
  6. Your kitchen is probably full of machines you barely use, small gadgets and kitchen knicknacks you cant find when you need it. Sell those too. Your kitchen will thank you. (and yourself for having enough space to put new gadgets in. :P
  7. Check your books and magazines. As a policy, I don’t sell books and only donate them or give them away, but if you want to sell them, please do so at an extremely lower price. ;)


  1. Sort your items thru boxes. hang the clothes, clean stuff.
  2. Check for tears, check if things are working. Label the goods so you can price them properly.
  3. Price your items with consideration for how broken they are, how old they are, how well kept, or even if they’re vintage goods.
  4. Choose a weekend date to do your sale.
  5. Advertise your sale on your neighborhood and online.
  6. Check with your Barangay if you need a permit.

On the Day:

  1. Prepare plastics and boxes to pack your sales in.
  2. Have some change ready so you dont have to look for change and maybe lose a sale.
  3. It’s nice to prepare some basic refreshments as a sign of goodwill to your neighborhood. If you cant manage that, even cold water would be nice!

After your Garage Sale:

  1. Finally, everything’s done. You’ve cleaned up and fixed your garage or front yard. You may have some big tickets that didnt get sold, take pictures of them and sell them online, on Facebook or Ebay.
  2. Don’t hesitate and donate the rest to charitable institutions. Every December, I drop off clothes to Red Cross. Check this list on where you can donate clothes near you.

Are you willing to take on the challenge? Take a picture of your garage sale, share it and tag @relaxlangmom before November 1 and I’ll make sure to send you my 2018 RelaxLangMom Planner as a Christmas Gift!

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