Homeschooling 2016


May 31

Its that time of the year again. We have decided to continue with Homeschooling and this year, we’re re-enrolling at Homeschool at the Fort (which is transferring to Homeschool at Valle Verde, yay!) for his Grade 7 extra curriculars. Valle Verde is so much nearer and we wont have to take a cab to get to it.

We’re following the DepED curriculum and using a combination of the DepED Learning Portal¬†and Quipper School. For Math, we’re still using Khan Academy and Singapore Math. Im thinking of ¬†enrolling him to an extra class (like Kumon maybe?) because the Math is getting to be too much for me to handle.

I still havent decided if were enrolling at TMA or Peniel because of the cost and the family is a bit short on the budget right now.


Wondering if you can do Homeschooling yourself? Yes you can! If youre thinking of doing it, best think of your objectives first. Here’s a nice homeschool planning guideline that you can read and download to help you outline your homeschool!


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