Promil Organic Milk: Encouraging Children To Eat (and Drink) Healthy

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Pursuing an organic healthy lifestyle for your family and for your children is a challenge nowadays. With the proliferation of easy fast food take outs and ready made food products, the modern mom finds that we really need to be conscious when shifting to a healthier organic lifestyle.

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In the Philippines, there is a growing movement of people who are becoming more conscious and choosing organically grown food as the source of their sustenance. Organic food (as opposed to natural food) are produced without  toxic synthetic pesticides, toxic synthetic herbicides, or chemical NPK fertilizers are used in production, and no antibiotics or growth hormones are given to animals.

It’s no surprise that going organic may have multiple benefits that help us lead more healthy lives.

In a recent talk by Wyeth Nutrition Medical Director Dr Neva Luna Batayola, advocates of organic milk for babies, at the Promil Organic launch at the Palazzo Verde in Las Pinas, she shared several tips on teaching and encouraging our children to eat healthy.

promil organic launch _Wyeth Nutrition Medical Drirector Dr Neva Luna Batayola on encouraging your children to eat healthy
Wyeth Nutrition Medical Director Dr Neva Luna Batayola on encouraging your children to eat healthy

She says that it is important to get the children involved. Take them to the market. Have them pick out organic fruits and vegetables. Go to the source. If possible show your kids how foods grow from farms to the market. It’s no surprise that lots of city kids don’t know what food looks like before they are processed and packed for the grocery. I know it’s hard to take your kids, but make a plan to once in a while show them what whole foods look like.

Another tip is to make healthy snacks available. I make fried plantains and sweet potato chips, homemade french fries to name a few. You can prepare fruits and vegetables into juices that can be easily grabbed as they do their daily tasks and chores or when they’re glued to their gadgets. My kids don’t like eating fruits but when they’re turned into juices, they drink them without complaints. Careful with too much sugar too! Trust me, kids go hungry all the time! If there are no chocolates or junk food in the refrigerator, they will gradually shift to nutritious snacks that are not full of MSG and other food additives.  (This works for adults too!)

Which brings me to this point. Be a role model. Kids mimic and copy what they see. If they see you eating unhealthy food in the refrigerator, they will acquire this habit even when you force them to eat healthy food.

According to a study shared by Dr Batayola, the things they eat at the first five years of their life are most likely the same food that they will eat for the rest of their life. So we have to teach healthy eating habits early. But when things don’t go as planned, don’t give up! They will probably not eat healthy and organic food the first few times you try it but they will adapt to it sooner or later.

Introducing the Promil Organic Milk

And with the recent launch of the Promil Organic milk brand in the market, Filipino moms now have the option to provide their children with better nutrition. The latest Promil Organic Milk in the Philippines is an innovation from the leading nutrition firm that is made from the best of nature and expertly designed to nurture children’s gifts. Promil Organic is designed for preschoolers to help them get ready – an organic milk that will help develop their minds and bodies.

Why Organic Milk

“Promil, moms’ trusted partner for the past 30 years, recognizes the growing needs of moms to provide a healthier foundation for their child through the organic lifestyle. And it’s never too early to start.

“We developed Promil®Organic to address the growing demand for organic milk products. It is made from 100% organic dairy milk from certified organic European farms,” says Theresa Chong, Marketing Director, Wyeth Philippines Inc.

Proud moms Andi Manzano, Cat Ledesma, and Hindy Weber Tantoco hosted the event, sharing their own inspiring stories about motherhood to encourage parents to try an organic lifestyle.

promil moms
Cat Juan Ledesma, Andi Manzano Reyes, and Hindi Weber share insights about being a mom and tips on parenting

“We are proud to be joined by these women who pursue a healthy lifestyle,” says Patricia Cuna, Brand Manager for Promil® Organic. “They are dedicated mothers and organic milk proponents who only want the best for their children. We hope that their support could help us to inspire more parents to try a healthier lifestyle for their family, starting with Promil® Organic.”

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