Raising the Gifted Child with Promil Four

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Promil, in cooperation with the Philippine Center for Gifted Education (PCGE) celebrated the Gifted Awareness Month with Filipino Mommy Bloggers and celebrities in a fun filled and ultra learning event at the Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila in Pasay City.

I was so happy to get invited because of the star studded speakers and the outlined activities of the event. Moreover the theme “Shaping the Gift To Build Tomorrow’s Great” is an interesting topic specially for a homeschooling mom like me. It gets hard sometimes to figure out what we are doing as parents of teachers to decidedly gifted kids (of course I believe my kids are gifted, haha!) and every now and then a little help is appreciated.

Promil wanted to share the importance of building a strong foundation for every child’s learning abilities and I understand that, not only as a parent but as an educator too.

Dra Letitia Ho, President of the Philippine Center for Gifted Education says that children needs to learn a different set of skills in today’s fast and ever changing world and the best time to nurture these kids is on their first 1000 days as a child, starting with the mothers pregnancy.

It’s a bit controversial, but I agree with her when she said that more than genetics, epigenetics, also plays an important role in being gifted. While I will not profess to understand the entire concept, I do agree that the child’s development results from an ongoing and cumulative process of nurturing. Our child’s brain development is affected not just by genetics but by both environmental and intrinsic factors.

To end the event,  Dra Ho gave a key take away message and that is “Every child has the talent which can be a Gift if discovered and nurtured early. It is the parent’s role to make the child’s talent reach his full potential, or else that gift could just be there untapped and undiscovered.”


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