Refrigerator Mango Graham Cake: A Tropical Twist on an Old-Fashioned Favorite

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Hello lovely moms ! April here with, helping you find calm in the chaos of motherhood from my tropical island home of Marinduque!

With mango season coming to an end and mangoes getting cheaper, I’m sharing a delicious dessert that celebrates this sunny fruit – Mango Graham cake (also called Mango Float in these parts! My family (and friends!!!) love this refrigerator cake and with the ease of doiunt it, you’d think we can have it every other week. Price is a concern off-season so I’m taking advantage of the oversupply, hehe.

Cheap Mangoes for Mango Graham Cake

This moist, layered cake is a no-bake cake that gives a tropical twist to the classic graham snack cake by folding in chunks of ripe mango. The sweet-tart flavor and fragrant aroma of the mangoes infuse every bite of this comforting treat.

This no-bake cake layers sweetened cream with diced mango and graham cracker crumbs for a simple yet sophisticated treat your kids will adore.The crispy-yet-soft graham base soaks up the fruity cream filling while adding crunch to every decadent bite.

How to make The Mango Graham Cake

To make this dessert, the fresh ripe mangoes are the star. Dice two mangoes into small, 1⁄2 -inch cubes and set aside.In a large bowl or mixer, whip one packet of  chilled All Purpose Cream and one can of chilled Condensada until thickened.

Meanwhile, crush about 12 graham cracker sheets into fine crumbs. Mix the crumbs with melted butter and 1 tablespoon sugar, then press into the bottom of an airtight baking dish.

Next comes the layering! Start with a layer of mango cubes, followed by a layer of the sweetened cream mixture. Repeat layering the fruit and cream, ending with the cream on top.

Cover and refrigerate the assembled cake overnight to allow the flavors to meld and the graham base to soak up the creamy vanilla-mango filling. Serve well-chilled for an elegant yet simple dessert, fit for afternoons spent gazing at tropical seas.

Anyway, here’s the recipe!

I hope this tropical twist on an old-fashioned favorite brings back sweet memories and create moments of joy with your little ones. To get my full mango graham cake recipe emailed to you along with toddler activities, simply sign up for my newsletter below!


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