Sweet and Chewy Butter Garlic Toasted Bread (Fuwa fuwa)

Toasted Butter Garlic Bread Fuwa Fuwa
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Butter Garlic Toasted Bread for Sundays? Perfect. I discovered these Fuwa Fuwa bread on my grocery the other day. They look invitingly soft and pillowy that I decided to buy 5 Mini Loaf Milk Loaves to try. It’s a Japanese company and I think they’re set to rival Gardenia soon. Price wise, it’s a bit on the high side so maybe for special days only.

The kids predictably munched them down in a day. They can be eaten without a spread but they’re great with chocolate or a slather of cream cheese. Good thing I reserved 2 loaves to be toasted. Hid them, in fact, so it wouldn’t be gone before I tried to do something else with them. Fuwa fuwa’s website has a recipe for a French Toast but I was thinking of something even more special this Sunday. Also, I can’t abide the smell of Cinnamon so that eventually gets deleted on any recipes.

I remembered this glorious Cream Cheese Toasted Bread at Maya so I decided I’d use their Butter Garlic Mixture instead.

This Butter Garlic Toasted Bread is a bomb. Serve them hot and top with your favorite toppings if you want. It’s chewier when they get cold. Interestingly, they’re reminiscent of this chewy rice based dessert in Marinduque called “pilipitin”. It’s awesome!

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