Learn how to cook the Filipino Adobo at RelaxLangmom.com. There’s lots of Adobo to choose from, adobo sa gata, seafood adobo, adobo sardines, etc.

Crispy Adobo Silog Fried Rice Recipe


Adobo is one of those food that always makes you think of home. We Pinoys have it several times a week with different ingredients and types of cooking. We have adobong manok, adobong pusit, adobo

Crispy Adobo Silog Fried Rice Recipe2020-11-07T20:06:03+08:00

How to cook Adobong Manok


There's adobo and there's adobo, my mom would say. This recipe is for Adobong Manok (chicken), but you can do it with pork (for pork adobo), you can do it with fish, or even vegetables

How to cook Adobong Manok2020-11-07T20:10:31+08:00

How to cook Adobong Pusit (Recipe)


Since it's Friday (when I cooked this), and we're a bit tired of the usual Ginisang Monggo, I prepared squid instead. (Besides, I saw someone on my Facebook feed with the same lunch and I

How to cook Adobong Pusit (Recipe)2020-01-16T10:34:07+08:00

Adobong Kangkong


In the province, what we do is just get Kangkong in the backyard and do an instant Kangkong Adobo. When we went to Manila, I was shocked at how much these kangkong costs. I tried

Adobong Kangkong2020-08-09T06:45:16+08:00
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